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These States Pay Corps Members N5000 Or Less As Monthly Allowance

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These States Pay Corps Members N5000 Or Less As Monthly Allowance

Apart from the N19,800 corps members receive as monthly allowance, state govt also pay them stipends.

Recently, the Federal Government NYSC allowance has been the main topic about corps members welfare.

Corps members all over the country received N19,800 as their monthly allowance from the Federal Government. Although, the NYSC management recently announced that there is a plan to increase the allowance.

However, depending on the state they are posted to serve, some corps members may at the end of the month receive some stipends from the state government, while many other states do not pay them at all.

Here are states that pay corps members between N3,000 and N5,000 monthly allowance.

1. Abia State: Corps members serving in Abia State receive N5000 as allowance every month.

2. Bayelsa state gives the sum of N3000 to its Nigerian Youth Service Corps. But the corps members won't receive the money until few days before the completion of their NYSC program.

3.  Cross Rivers State: Corps members in Cross River state get N3,000 every month.

4. Delta State: Serving corps members in this state get a sum of  N5000 as monthly allowance.

5. Ekiti State: Ekiti state government pays N5,000 to serving corps members.

6. Jigawa State: Jigawa state government also pays N5000 to corps members in the state.

7. Kaduna State: Corps members in this state get N3,000 as allowance.

8. Kano state is a little different, the state pays serving corps members in the state N4,000.

9. Lagos State  Lagos government also pays N5,000 to corps members except those who serve at the state government secretariat at Alausa. Those ones get N10,000.

10. Nassarawa State Corps members in this state get N3,000 as monthly allowance.

11. Ogun State If you are posted to serve in Ogun state as a corps members, the state government will pay you N5,000 as allowance.

12. Osun State: Corps members in Osun State receive N5,000 as allowance.

13. Oyo State: Oyo state government pays N3,800 to corps members serving in the state.

14. Sokoto State Like Kano state, Sokoto State government pays N4,000 to corps members serving in the state.

15.  Zamfara State NYSC corps members in Zamafara state are paid N3,000 as monthly allowance.

These States Pay Corps Members N5000 Or Less As Monthly Allowance

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