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NYSC 2019 Batch A News UPDATES - Vital Official Public Notice

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Urgent Passport Issue

Our attention has been drawn to the Mass disapproval of most NYSC 2019 Batch A Passport photographs used d during the NYSC registration.

The main Cause of this is to make sure the passport you uploaded is good enough. While NYSC is sending messages to some people, some are not getting messages.

We are calling the attention of everybody who have successfully completed their NYSC registration to take a minute to check their dashboard and be sure their passport is not disapproved.

Once you login to your dashboard, if you picture is alright, you will see the passport normal. But if you discovered a message that says "Your passport has been disapproved" then all you have to do is upload another one.

You can login below to check your dashboard.


NYSC 2019 Batch A Online Registration Portal CLOSED

I am pleased to announce to you all that the official NYSC 2019 batch A online registration portal has been closed. So there will not be any further registration for this batch. If you are yet to register or your school is yet to release Senate list by now, it means you are going with the next batch. We don't know the date Batch B will commence yet, but it won't be long.

The next thing now is waiting for the call-up letter. Once the printing begins, we will announce it to all the groups.

Is It Everybody That Will Go With Batch A

One thing most people want to know is maybe every prospective Corps members who registered for this batch will go with this batch. The truth to the question is that we can't say. Although during the last batch which is NYSC 2018 Batch A. There were no streams and there were too many prospective corps members that cannot go with stream I. Let me explain.

The reason for streams is to make things conducive and the facility encouraging. The total number of corps members for a batch is always much to the extent that the camp facilities cannot take everybody at once. So the management always split into streams to make things normal.

So during the last batch, the NYSC management did not split to streams and because there were too many PCM, the ones that could not follow batch A were automatically merged with batch B.

The Official announced that there will not be streams for this batch which means that they want to do it exactly like the last batch. The answer to the question of if everyone will go with this batch is that "You should Expect Anything". If the population is not too much, everyone will go with this batch. But if the crowd is too much, NYSC might deploy some and make others join the in next batch.

You should also know that there is no criteria of selecting prospective corps members, it is randomly. The day or time your register have no role to play here.

I hope my explanation is clear. Thats the information we know for now.

Registration Ends Today

The NYSC 2019 Batch A Online Registration ends today and the call-up letter printing begin tomorrow. Below are important things to do before the NYSC portal is closed.

  • If you have registered, log in to your dashboard and be sure to check your passport and other things are good.
  • IF you are yet to do your registration, get it done today as fast as possible.
  • If you have not been able to choose any state by the end of today, I will advice you submit like that or keep trying. Before the end of today, more states might be available.
  • If you have any error in your name, I will advice you correct it immediately. The management issued a warning yesterday. Just scroll down to read.
  • If you don't want to go with this batch, just ignore everything and revalidate by next batch or when you are ready.
  • If the NYSC management ask you to bring your ND certificate with a notification on your dashboard, it's very important that's why the notification is there.
  • Foreign graduates who are yet to be evaluated have nothing to worry about. You will all be evaluated.
  • Those who are yet to see their Call-Up number should relax, it will come.

Just stay connected so that you don't miss vital information.

VITAL Public Official Notice

This is to inform 2019 Batch "A" PCMs that you can request for Correction of Name on your dashboard by clicking on "Apply for Change of Name" link.
a. Spelling Error
b. Rearrangement
c. Replacement
d. Addition
e. Removal

Kindly note that your Student Affair Officer, will see the request for Replacement, Addition and Removal of Name, process and forward to NYSC for further necessary action.

You will not be registered on camp, if there is disparity in the name uploaded online, that appears on your dashboard and that of your Statement of Result.
This is necessary to avoid errors on your Certificate of National Service.


The Management of National Youth Service Corps has concluded plans towards having a successful 2019 Orientation Exercise across the country.
The Director-General, Major General Sulaiman Zakari Kazaure disclosed this today during a Pre-Orientation Meeting with State Coordinators, Camp Directors and Camp Commandants designate held at National Directorate Headquarters, Maitama, Abuja.

The DG who said there was the need to consolidate on the achievements of previous Orientation Courses urged all Camp Officials to work hard and synergize as team players in order to achieve the desired result.

In his address, the NYSC boss tasked State Coordinators to intensify efforts on State Governors on the need to redouble their efforts at sensitizing them on the need to live up to their statutory responsibilities of maintaining Camp Facilities as enshrined in the NYSC Act.

"As Prospective Corps Members are about to report to the camps, State Coordinators should intensify liaison with security agencies and other stakeholders with a view to enhancing their safety both during and after the Orientation Course".

"On no account should any sick Corps Member be allowed to stay in the clinic for more than 12 hours if there is no sign of improvement", General Kazaure said.

Speaking further, the Director-General stated that the Scheme is planning to mobilize over 350,000 qualified graduates for National Service this year while efforts are in motion to achieve the target of at least 5,000 Corps Members per Camp.

The Director, Planning, Research and Statistics, Mrs Bose Okakwu admonished all State Coordinators, Camp Directors and Camp Commandants in attendance to restategize with a view to evolving policies that will guide all participants and other Camp Officials to successful execution of the exercise.

"Best Day To Arrive At Camp"

The NYSC 2019 Batch A Orientation camp will start on the 27th March 2019. This means that from 27th which is in few days now, the orientation camp will begin for the 21 days course.

The question that most prospective Corps members are asking is when exactly can they go to the orientation camp. This brief post will show you the best time to resume to camp and other things you should all know.

The best day to resume to camp is the exact day that camp will begin. But due to the long journey distance and some other factors involved, it is good to go to camp a day before the exact date.

Camp is always Open about 2 days before the exact date of the orientation camp and soldiers will all be around to make sure your security is assured.

3 Days after the Camp begins, you will not be allowed to enter the NYSC camp again except in some extreme cases.

What matters is that you should arrive early and be ready for the 21 days challenge. Camp is always interesting and am sure you will enjoy it.

BREAKING NEWS: NYSC 2019 Batch A Registration Date Extended

The NYSC 2019 Batch A Registration date has just been extended to 20/03/2019. The Online registration that was supposed to be 4th - 19th March 2019 is now 4th - 20th March 2019. The extension is just for a day but just that one day can go along way.

This is to announce to everyone who thinks the registration portal will be closed by 19 that the NYSC management has added just a day to the deadline. If you are yet to register or there are no states available, just keep trying. We are not sure if schools will still be allowed to upload the Senate list. If you are yet to see your name on the NYSC portal for Senate list, contact your school to know what's going on.

Urgent Passport Issue

Our attention has been drawn to the Mass disapproval of most NYSC 2019 Batch A Passport photographs used d during the NYSC registration.

The main Cause of this is still unknown but the fact remains that some prospective Corps members discovered their passport has been disapproved.

We are calling the attention of everybody who have successfully completed their NYSC registration to take a minute to check their dashboard and be sure their passport is not disapproved.

Once you login to your dashboard, if you picture is alright, you will see the passport normal. But if you discovered a message that says "Your passport has been disapproved" then all you have to do is upload another one.



The official National Youth Service Corps management has confirmed on their Twitter page that there will not be stream 2 for this NYSC 2019 Batch A Orientation Camp.

Many Prospective Corps members have been asking either there will be streams for this batch or not. The official answer is NO. meaning for this batch, there won't be streams.

This is really not a surprise because the last batch that passed out few days ago did not have any streams.

Stay connected!

Will There Be Streams In This Batch?

A lot of people have been asking if there will be streams for this batch and am going to give a clear answer as possible.

The NYSC splitting batches into streams came into existence because of the too many populations and the need to make them comfortable. All the higher institutions always mobilize thousands of graduates to partake in the National Youth Service Corps platform and the facilities cannot take all these Corpers at once.

Most of the orientation camp will be unbearable if there has not been streams because of overcrowding and other issue. So streams was introduced.

To the question either there will be streams for this batch A, I will tell you that for now, am not sure there will be streams. The last NYSC 2018 Batch A that completed their service yesterday does not have streams. So either this one will have or not, is left for the NYSC management.

My advice is that you should expect anything. And if there is a news, you will be the first to hear about it.

NYSC 2019 Batch A Official Camp date Announced

The NYSC 2019 Batch A Orientation Camp date is the exact day that all mobilized prospective Corps members who have successfully completed their NYSC registration will begin the 21 days orientation Course.

The official date for the NYSC 2019 Batch A orientation camp has been announced. The o NYSC 2019 Batch A Orientation Camp Date commence 
Wednesday 27th March - Tuesday 16th April 2019.

See timetable screenshot



The following schools just uploaded their official senate list. Prospective Corps members from schools below should verify their names below and proceed to do their registration.

University Of Ibadan

Click below to verify your names on the NYSC portal senate list.


5 Important Steps Before You Go To The Cafe

Before you go to the Cafe, take these steps below to make your registration faster and safer.

STEP 1. Click here to go to the NYSC portal directly.

STEP 2. Click Mobilization Batch A

STEP 3. Click Fresh Registration

STEP 4. Fill the form and hit the "Continue" button.

STEP 5. Wait for your mail and confirm it. Click the link and it will take you to step 6.

STEP 6. Fill the form and hit "look up name on senate list"

Once you get passed this step, you can proceed to a Cafe to continue your registration.


This is an announcement to every prospective Corps members from FUTO that your approved senate list has been uploaded successfully.

If you are PCM of Federal University of Technology Owerri, then you should hurry up and verify your name on the Senate list so as to start your registration.


Other PCM from other university should take a minute to verify their names too. The Senate list uploads is coming to and end and institutions are making things faster.

If you are a Prospective Corps Members from other schools, you should click below to verify your name too.


NYSC 2019 Batch A Registration Portal Now Open

I am here to announce to you that the NYSC registration portal for 2019 Batch A is open again after about 12 hours of closure. Thanks for your patience and maturity.

The Senate list uploads is still in progress and prospective Corps members whose names are on senate list can proceed with their registration.

Successfully registered members can now go on and log into their dashboard.


The tension has been high since the portal was closed and everything about NYSC websites started malfunctioning. The registration was closed, registered members are unable to access their dashboard. The whole thing has been frustrating and raising questions.

We have been trying to contact the management of what is going on and how the portal is misbehaving. To this moment, there is no official statement or any release by the NYSC management's about the issue.

I know there are so many questions on your mind right now, but I wish I have all the answers. So for now, let's just wait till the whole thing is fix or we get an information from the NYSC management.

This issue is not just about the NYSC registration portal closed alone, it about other aspects of the website misbehaving.

The management is suppossed to have address the issue, but till now, there is nothing. Just stay connected and you will be the first to get an info once we get one.

NYSC 2019 Registration Portal CLOSED

The NYSC 2019 Batch A Registration Portal has been closed for an Unknown reason. The Portal which is supposed to be open to allow Prospective corps members to do their registration from 4th - 19th of March. To our surprise, we are seeing "NO ACTIVE REGISTRATION"

nysc news

The strange occurrence happened around 12 am of 9/3/2019 which is just about 5 days after the portal was opened for NYSC registration. There is no way the portal is supposed to have been closed like that just 5 days after it was opened.

For now, we do not have official information or any reason why the portal was closed when thousands of Corps members are out there yet to register. Such a thing is really a rare thing in NYSC and we are all hoping the error will be fixed by the management.

I want to employ you all not to be scared or panic. The closing of NYSC 2019 Batch A portal is obviously an error and we are sure it will come up again very soon. If you are yet to register or waiting for your senate list, do not Panic. You are not the only one in this.

We will keep giving you updates as soon as we have information. All you have to do is do not panic and stay connected. Please relax o, everything will be fine.


Verify Senate List

The NYSC Senate List is an important list compiled by the various higher institutions that contains the names and details of every graduate that is qualified for the National Youth Service Corps for a particular batch.

Today alone, up to 5 institutions successfully uploaded their senate list on the NYSC portal. Take a minute to verify your name on the Senate list now and be sure your school is not among.


Update On Call-up Number

To everyone who have been so worried about the NYSC call-up number they are yet to see, I want to say well done to you o. Because you have completed your NYSC registration, now you are tensed because you are yet to receive your call up letter.

The fact is that your call-Up number is for you and you will surely get it. Please be patient and stop worrying yourself over little things.

Two Crucial Steps To Take Now

This is a very important information for everyone whose name is not yet on the NYSC portal senate list. In other words, if you have been unable to register due to the fact that you get "No Record Found" each time you try to verify your name on the NYSC portal, you should take this two steps below:

STEP 1. Call your school or ask your friends if they have any information about the progress of your senate list. We noticed that some schools have sent their hard copies and it has been uploaded but yet to reflect names of the graduates when they verify on NYSC Portal senate list.

If after contacting your schools and they say they have sent the hard copies to NYSC, then you can try to use the simple update of yesterday.

STEP 2. You should also contact your school or friends about an update about your senate list. If you discover that your school is yet to upload or release your senate list, then you should wait for it.

Senate list uploads continues till 15th of this month.

Stay connected and you will not miss any information.

Lola at

How To Register Without Name On Portal Senate List

If you have not registered because your name is not on NYSC Portal for Senate list, you should read this information below.

Some schools have submitted the hard copies of their senate list to the NYSC management but yet when a student from that institution check senate list on NYSC Portal, it says "No Record Found"

A lot of prospective Corps members have gone ahead to do their registration only to find out that their names have been successfully uploaded on the NYSC portal even while they get "No Record Found" if they check.

Here is how they have been doing it.

Tricks To Register Without Senate List On NYSC Portal

You must have heard about several prospective Corps members who registered without their names uploaded on the NYSC portal. I want to show you the trick they used to successfully do their NYSC registration.

Before you can go ahead with the NYSC registration, you must have verified your name on the NYSC portal to see if your school has uploaded your senate list. NYSC registration will be impossible without your name on Senate list.

However, this little trick will show you how you can register even though you have been seeing "No Record Found" each time you try to verify your name.

Below Is the trick

STEP 1. visit the official NYSC portal for registration.

STEP 2. Click on Mobilisation Batch A, 2019

STEP 3. On this page, you will see two options.

STEP 4. Provide your email address (you've two spaces to enter it twice. Please make sure your email address is valid. Gmail preferably. You may create one if you don't have. Choose a security question and give it an answer (the security question and answer is necessary incase you forget your password). Click CONTINUE after filling.

STEP 5. NYSC will send you a message to the email address you provided earlier . Login into your email and open the message sent by NYSC. There is a link in the message, click on it

STEP 6. When the page opens, select your institution, type your Jamb number followed by your matric number (your institution's registeriation number) and click on "LOOKUP SENATE". Voila! all your details will appear and you may continue with the rest of the registration.

 This may not work for everybody. You may end up seeing something like "You cannot be registered. Your school has not fulfilled the mandatory document submission"

If it works, that means you can continue with the registration. But if this doesn't work, it means you have to wait till your senate list is uploaded on NYSC Portal.

Is NYSC Registration First Come First Serve?

Is NYSC Registration First Come first serve is a question most prospective Corps members will want an answer to.

A lot of people believe if you are the first to register or you register on the first day the NYSC registration begins, you will get posted to Lagos or Abuja. Just read on, you will discover the truth below.

A lot of prospective corps members who are unable to register early due to senate list uploads issues, age issues, network and other challenges always worry so much about getting a good posting. This is because they think because they didn't register early, they will be posted to bad places.

Before I give you the fact about either NYSC registration is first come first serve, let me tell you at this point that there are no bad states. There are no such thing as wrong states. What we have out here are wrong mentality and perspectives.

Have seen a lot of people posted to Lagos and there was nothing they could record after the 11 months service. I have also met people who were posted to some states most of you consider as bad places and that was the best thing that ever happened to them.

It depends on your mindset and your mentality. It depends on what you believe and how you are going to make things work for yourself. If you are a Graduate and you still think there are bad states cut out of it.

The Fact

So back to the question if NYSC registration is first come first serve? I will like to tell you that it is not TRUE. NYSC Registration is not first come first serve.

The time or how fast you register does not determine if you will be posted to Lagos or  Abuja.

The time you do your registration does not determine either you will go with stream 1 or 2.

NYSC Posting Is Random and not determined by anything whatsoever.

If you are first to register, chill out, it doesn't mean anything. If you register on the last day, don't be sad, it means nothing.

Wherever you are posted, be happy and appreciate Go's for it.

Stay Connected For More!

When To Expect NYSC Call-Up Number

The NYSC registration started a few days ago and while so many prospective Corps members are yet to do their registration because their senate list is not yet on the NYSC portal, a lot of prospective corps members have successfully completed their NYSC 2019 Batch A registration. The question on the mind of those who have finished their NYSC registration is "When Will I get My call-Up Number?"

The NYSC call up number is a unique number used to specify you in the NYSC system. You can carry same name and surname with somebody, but you cannot share the same call-up number with anyone. Your call up number is like your own identity which is peculiar to you alone. It cannot be stolen or changed. It is yours and yours alone.

In fact, as long as NYSC is concerned, that call-up number is You. It will be sent to your mobile phone and you don't have to worry about losing it because it will be on your call up letter and your green card.

The question now is when should you be expecting it if you are done with NYSC registration. The answer to that is not certain because there is no announced date of getting it. But normally, it always comes just a few days after you have completed your registration. What you should do now is wait for it. Once NYSC sorts out the serial number and do their thing, you will see it clearly on your dashboard and it will be sent to your mail.

It's always a few days after registration, so just relax.


The Upload of Senate list is really going on as the NYSC management and institutions are working tediously to make sure affected prospective corps members registered successfully. Please just relax and wait a little bit. Any moment from now, your list will be uploaded so that you can continue your registration.

Verify Your Name On Senate List

I will encourage you all to take a minute to verify your name because a lot is going on the underground. So please take a minute to verify your name asap. Click below to verify your name on NYSC portal.

Say connected for more updates!

Previous Updates

The NYSC 2019 Batch A News Updates is a post that will make you current and keep you up on top of every news about NYSC 2019 Batch A so that you don't miss out of it. See also: Best States For NYSC And Everything You Need To Know

Information is very important and crucial in this life and that is why I am creating this post so that you get to know about every NYSC 2019 Batch A News Updates as they start coming. See also: NYSC Registration For 2019 Batch A – Everything You Need To Know

MUST READ: Vital Official Warning To All NYSC 2019 PCM – MUST READ!


This is an announcement to all Prospective Corps members whose names have not been verified on the Senate list which is hindering them from registration. Many of you have been so worried because while others have completed their registration, you are yet to begin yours because of the Senate list uploads Palava.

We have contacted the NYSC management and they assured us that they are vehemently working on it and that you should keep checking for your names on the NYSC portal for senate list.

While some institutions have submitted the hard copies to the NYSC management, some institutions are yet to send theirs. From the information we gathered, every prospective corps members whose names have not been verified on the Senate list will be able to verify their names and register very soon.

Please be patient a little bit and give your schools and NYSC a few more days to complete the work on the Senate list.

2019 Registration Costly Mistakes To Avoid

Some mistakes in life can be fixed by little things while other mistakes can cost more stress to fix. The NYSC 2019 costly mistakes are part of the ones that will cost you more stress to fix or even get you kicked out of Camp.

Please pay attention as I share with you some mistakes you should avoid at all cost.

  1. Do not thumbprint by proxy.
  2. Apply for name. Correction on your dashboard if their is any error or disparity in your name.
  3. Make sure your passport size photograph is very clear. Not blurry or exposed to much sunlight.
  4. Never forget your email, username and password you used for online registration.
  5. Never allow anyone to thumbprint for you. If you couldn't pass through biometric verification in camp, you will be sent out of the camp.
  6. Never proceed with registration without your name being verified on NYSC senate list.
  7. Do not provide false or wrong information about yourself during the NYSC registration.

Those are the mistakes you should avoid as you continue your registration.

Tips to guide PCMs during NYSC Online Registration.

1. NYSC Online Registration Portal address

2. If you are registering for the first time, click on "Mobilization Batch A, 2019"

3. If you have registered previously and did not complete your Registration or Submit, do not create a new account instead click on "Login Here" to continue your registration with your previous Username and Password.

4.The Revalidation link is only for those mobilized in 2018 Batch "C" and previous Batches, but did not go to the Orientation Camp.

5. Do not thumb print by proxy.

6. Apply for Name Correction on your dashboard.

7. Make sure the passport photograph uploaded is very clear.

8. Do not forget the Username and Password used during our Online Registration

9. Cross- check your records before submission to avoid wrong details.

10. Connect with us at our Social Media platforms for latest updates.
Thank you.


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