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How A Female Corper Sexually Harasses Male Corper At Lagos NYSC Camp

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A Drama unfolds at Lagos NYSC camp today when a female corper sexually assaulted a male Corp member by grabbing his D**k. You should just go ahead and read the whole story retrieved from the Instagram page of the Victim, i mean the guy .

While we were dancing and singing ''hold something” , a certain girl in my platoon came around and touched my d**k. I warned her, she repeated it and I reacted. She managed to dodge the hot slap imed at her then she ''charged” towards me in ab to initiate a fight or something. The more people try to stop her from getting to me the demon in are kept pushing. Men were telling me ''guy you f*** up”.  no matter what, dem no ey touch woman". "Ahan, she dey give you sign, be like say she like you" Abeg, imagine say na me go press woman breast.

The ladies who witnessed the drama and those who asks what's up were against our actions, the men were telling me ''you'll be man, you for no slap am”.  She threaten to catch me in Lagos anyway. Whatever that means. She should be ashamed of herself and her background. At Mammy, waiting to have my breakfast she walks in and slaps me. This is not the end I swear. This is our face. Peace, from Ambrose Alli University. I have reported the case to the highest authority here on camp. Both oral and written statements have been taken there is a copy of my document statement.

She confessed her friends, ladies, advised our to wait for me at Mammy so she could slap me. She isn't remorseful, and feels very entitled. Some women are a time bomb waiting to explode. You are a disgrace to yourself, your family, and every institution you have passed through. To the men trying to justify her, you are sick in the head. If I want to be touched, i would have called my woman. To the guys that witness our drama at Mammy and volunteer to come with me to report the case (two of them), I don't know you from anywhere but thank you.

According to a witness

We usually have man o war drills very early in the morning 4:30 a.m. and when everyone is chanting "hold something”, guys and girls are busy holding each other’s asses while going around in a circle stop so a girl in platoon 3 is grabbing guys d**k in a platoon.  Today she grab a d**k and the next thing we heard was TAWAI!!!!

She chop slap for breakfast. Heard not the first d**k she's grabbing. Some guys in my room say you shouldn't have slapped her but in a way I think she deserves the slap though. Firstly if roles were reversed most people will support the babe and call it sexual assault.
Sexual assault is sexual assault irrespective of the victims gender PERIOD!!

What do you think?

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The girl is just too bold o.  Somebody you don't know before and you are doing strong play with.  Hold something is what they say and not hold that thing