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Frequent Asked NYSC 2018 Batch C Questions Solved - Must Read

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Frequent Asked NYSC 2018 Batch C Questions Solved - Must Read

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Q. Whilst trying to check for my name in the NYSC senate lists, it's telling me "No record found. Contact your school for verification of the approved list". What should I do?
A. Contact your school fast, to know if they truly uploaded your name before the registration closes, otherwise wait for Batch A next year

Q. I'm mobilized for this November Batch C, but I don't want to join this batch because I'm not ready. What will I do to be eligible for Next batch?
A. Don't register at all, register next year  Batch A, your details will still be intact in the NYSC portal OR you could register if you'd want and revalidate in Batch A next year.

Q. I've registered for this November Batch C and have successfully made my payment, I couldn't print my green card. What should I do?
A. Wait for it, it takes sometime to be available for printing.

Q. I'd registered in Batch B and I was rescheduled for Batch C Now, my call-up number is missing in my dashboard, what should I do?
A. You shouldn't worry about it, It'll be automatically corrected by NYSC, when it's corrected, reprint your green card and wait for your call-up letter which will be available for printing before 3 or 4 days to camp

Q. After my registration, I completed my payment and it's still pending on my dashboard. What should I do?
A. You shouldn't worry about it. It will be corrected automatically by NYSC, wait for it.

Q. My name was wrongly spelt by my school. How will I correct it?
A. There's an option in your dashboard for name correction. Click on it and update it correctly.

Q. After the correction of my name in my dashboard, the name remained what it was. What should I do?
A. You shouldn't worry, NYSC is working to correct it, wait for it.

Q. Is it a must to pay for my call-up letter online or in the bank?
A. No, it's not a must, if you couldn't pay, visit your school to collect it when it's out for collection.

Q. My correct date of birth is July 25 1993, but what is displaying in my dashboard is July 11 1993. Should I be worried?
A. You shouldn't worry since it's not above 30 years.

Q. My correct date of birth is December 20 1991. What was uploaded in my dashboard is March 15 1975. What should I do, since I'm now exempted?
A. If the date of birth in your WAEC result is below 30, you could use it to fix the problem and be eligible to serve

If you have any other questions, you can just ask below:

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