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A Mandatory Official Latest Information For All NYSC 2019 Batch A PCM

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This information is purely official and very mandatory. Please, I beg you, pay attention and understand this information below. You might have come across this on your dashboard and not pay attention. These actions below have been confirmed to be mandatory and a MUST.

Batch A 2019 Addendum

i. Persons who studied In Nigeria should bring To camp: Degree HND Certificates Or Statement Of Results, Personal Identity Card from Institution of graduation.

Foreign graduates should bring For verification, original copies Of ALL their uploaded credentials And travel documents including International passport.

ii. Foreign graduates are To ensure that academic paper(s) In Languages other than English must be translated into English accordingly; both versions must be presented For verification at the camp.

iii. Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses And Public Environmental Health graduates should bring their professional licenses Or certificates Of full registration issued by their professional bodies.

iv. With effect from the 2018 Batch C Service Year, National Diploma (ND) certificate will be presented with other relevant documents by prospective corps members of Mono/Polytechnics as precondition for registration.

Note : Above Is for your information And necessary action.

NYSC is under Military and if they say something is necessary, please don't take it with civilian mentality.


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