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10 Facts You Don't Know About The NYSC Portal Shutdown

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The NYSC 2019 Batch A portal shutdown is really a rare thing especially during Registration.

Earlier today, the NYSC 2019 Batch A Registration was closed and every PCM who have registered were unable to access their NYSC portal dashboard. Below are 10 facts you don't know about the shutdown.

1. The shutdown was never announced before. It just happened all of a sudden.

2. The NYSC portal was closed around 12:00am today and still closed as at this moment.

3. Is this because of Election? I will say far from it because registered PCM cannot log in either. And why will NYSC shutdown portal for election.?

4. Is it because of Senate list uploads, maybe they want to upload all other senate lists at once. This is also far from it because if NYSC registration portal is closed because of Senate list which is unlikely to happen anyway, register PcM should still be able to access their dashboard. So it's not because of Senate list.

5. The shutdoelwn is total in the sense that as prospective Corps members are unable to proceed with registration, so also are successfully  registered PCM are unable to login to their dashboard.

6. The reason behind the portal shutdown is still unknwned as there has not been any official statement about it from the management.

7. The portal will still be open because the date for official registration is yet to come.

8. Honestly, I don't know or can guess what the issue is all about. So we are counting on an official announcement.

9. No need to panic because it will soon come back to normal. Don't worry yourself, the management are probably fixing and working on it.

10. Stay connected and be expectant. We have got you back.

Now am sure you know everything about the shutdown of NYSC portal. So no need to panic. Stay connected and you are good.
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