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Top 7 Worst States For NYSC In Nigeria

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on: March 08, 2019, 02:42:53 AM
Ordinarily, NYSC is one of the most interesting years in the life of Nigerian graduates. From three weeks of orientation camp, Place of Primary Assignment to CDS, there is always a story to tell. However, some states can make your NYSC programme hell on earth. Thus, we present to our readers the 7 worst states for NYSC in Nigeria. Make sure you read Best States For NYSC And Everything You Need To Know

This article will definitely help graduating students that are yet to serve their nation. Considering the fact that you now have options for choosing states of your choice, this will definitely guide you.

7 Worst States For NYSC In Nigeria

Below is the list of the 9 worst states for NYSC in Nigeria. We arrived at this list considering security challenges, the standard of living and more importantly pay.

#1. Borno
With the serious security threat in Borno, it has become one of the worst states for NYSC in Nigeria. Sadly, the state pays a stipend of N1000 to youth corpers.

Corps members serving in this state constantly do that in fear and many of them may end up requesting for relocation.

#2. Benue State
Benue State is another worse place to serve in Nigeria. With the incessant bloodshed and clash between farmers and herdsmen in the state, it has become a no-go area for Youth corpers.

However, those serving in the state capital, Makurdi are relatively safe but there are no much hustling opportunities for you there.

#3. Taraba State
Most Youth corpers that serve in Taraba state complains about the dryness and lack of opportunity in the state.

Although the state pays a stipend of N10,000 to corps members, yet corpers still don’t like serving there. Security wisely, the state is not really too safe.

#4. Kaduna State
Kaduna seems to be a very good place to serve with several opportunities. As a matter of fact, the state government even pays corpers N3000 monthly stipends.

However, whenever there is a clash, whether religious or political riots corps members are always the target. Thus the reason it is one of the worst states for NYSC in Nigeria due to security threats.

#5. Delta State
Delta state is another wrong place to serve. Corps members are not too safe in the state especially those serving in riverine areas.

The state government pays N5000 monthly allowance to serving corpers in the state. But the cost of living, security threats actually outweigh the stipends.

#6. Ekiti State
There is actually no security threat to Corpers serving in Ekiti state. As a matter of fact, the state government pays N5000 monthly stipends to every corps member in the state.

However, the state is very dry, no iota of opportunity for you there. Serving in Ekiti state is like placing your entire life on hold. If you serve in Ekiti state, you can relate this.

#7. Kebbi State
Yeah, they will always tell you that the cost of living in Kebbi State is relatively cheap. This is definitely true. But the state is completely dry, no single opportunity out there for you.

When you are posted to some interior villages, you may think you are in Somalia. For now, there is no security threat in the state. But boredom still remains the major challenge of serving in the state.

They are tagged as worst states, but am sure some people will still make the best out of any of them.
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