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How To Protect Your Valuables At NYSC Camp (3 Tips)

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How To Protect Your Valuables At NYSC Camp (3 Tips)

One of the nightmare during orientation camp is keeping your Valuables so that they will not disappear.
I was posted to Plateau State for my service. When I got to Mangu camp and I saw the very big Hall tagged as hostel I almost fainted.
The hall is so big that it can host over 250 people. Upper and Lower Bunk.

The hall is so big that as jovial and friendly as my friends and I were, there are still some people that we don't know we stay inside the room together.

Keeping Valuables in the midst of so graduates that some are smart, intellectual and very professional when it comes to Stealing.
Desperate young guys who are ready to steal your phone, charger, iPad, wallet and others for no reason.
So how then do you keep your stuffs safe?

1. Get a Padlock for your Box
You surely should know that you need a Padlock for your box. It's a normal instinct of everybody. Don't say Soldiers will be watching your box then you leave it open.

You can go with a little Padlock or you buy when you get there. Padlock can be a discouragement to anyone who want to check out what's in you bag.

It's easy for someone to just walk to your Bunk and open your bag if it's not locked. People might even think the thief is the owner of the bag.

So one of the tips on How To Protect Your Valuables At NYSC Camp is to get a Padlock. Not necessarily a big one, just a small one of about #300. Is that much? Think about the damage that the #3k would save you.

2. The Waist Purse
You must have seen pictures of Corp Members at camp and discover all of them are putting on their waist purse. It's not for show off or for swags.
The main reason for the waist purse is for security sake. The waist purse can also be called the safe purse. That's where you will keep your:
*Meal ticket
*Phones etc.

Since it will be with you all the time, which makes it the safest place you can keep your valuables.
The waist purse has been designed in a very portable way with a belt to allow you fasten it around your waist.
It's really cool because now a days, if you are dressing in your white without the waist purse, you look odd.

People have so many ways of carrying it. So cross it at the back, some put it around the neck and so on. Whichever way you want to carry it, just make sure it's with you all the time.

3. Be friendly with your Room mates and Bunk mates.
80% of the stolen items reported at the orientation camp happened in the hostel.
Being friendly with your room mates and Bunkie‚Äôs can really be a way to protect your Valuables. When you are friendly with most people, they will know your belongings. They now recognize your phone,  IPad, bucket and so on.

When I got to Mangu NYSC permanent orientation camp in Plateau State then, I was very friendly with everyone I met. We joke, gist and do a lot of funny stuffs together.

One thing is do also is that I love taking pictures and people say am good at it. That's their opinion any ways. And people during once in a life time even like orientation camp like to be snapped for memory sake.

So I started taking pictures of most of my roommates with the intention that I will keep the memory of everybody. And whenever I take a good picture with my BlackBerry z10 (8MP). They like it and will want to collect it. During the process of checking, most of these guys got acquainted with my phone.

On many different occasions, I would be called and asked if my phone is still with me because they see another Z10 exactly like mine.
So many instances that guys would watch my phone whenever am charging.

They would say they want me to many pictures of them and that they will collect it together on the last day of Camp.
Am not saying you should turn yourself to a photographer on camp. But am sure we all have our different ways of making friends.
You don't have to form for anybody, everybody is a graduate. And when you are friendly with them, they can save you of loss.

When they see a stranger checking your bag, they will question the person. But supposing no one knows you or you are always frowning at everyone, guys will not also care whoever is checking your space.
I know there are other ways, I only gave 3 tips.

Now Your Turn
Do you have any tip on how to keep valuables? Or you want to tell us the most effective one of the 3 above? Feel free to use the reply box below.
Or do you have any questions? You are very free to ask below.

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