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How To Find Or Get NYSC PPA

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on: August 12, 2017, 10:01:29 AM
How To Find Or Get NYSC PPA

You have just been rejected at your Place of Primary Assignment due to any reason so far. Or you don't like where you are posted and you asked then to reject you which they just did. That's not the end of the road. Or maybe you just want to find another place.
Here is how to go by it.

1. Inform Corp Members Around
This is the most effective and less stressful way. You inform as many Corpers as possible. Both the old and even your mates.
You can talk to them one on one or via various whatsapp groups. And you will be surprised someone will tell you there is vacancy.

2. Search Around
Just go out with a friend of alone and look around for schools, organisations, Churches, Libraries, Big super Market and anywhere. Ask them if they need a hand. Corp Members are less expensive so you might be lucky to get a place. Inform them about what you can do.

3. Create a Post On Corpers Forum
Register or Log In for free on Corpers Forum and then go to Forum and find your state. Then create a post and tell people that you need a PPA around a particular location and you will be surprised.

If you create a post on Corpers Forum requesting for a PPA, we will help you share it on all our social media accounts and if there is a slot somewhere, someone will contact let you know.
You can also do the same on nairaland.


Life is simple, take a step at a time. It's impossible for you not to get a PPA at all.

Do you have any question, do not hesitate to ask below. We are here to help.

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PPA is not that hard to get
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