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Best Ways Avoid Hard-To-Rectify Mistakes During NYSC Registration - 2019 Batch B

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Mistakes have become a normal thing since NYSC management implemented the idea of Online registration. Most prospective Corps members have made a mistake that cost them either to be sent home from camp or forcing them to wait for the next batch. While the majority of the mistakes are caused by the Cyber Cafe man, the negligence of the PCM and lack of adequate information is also another fault. See also: Top 10 Things You Must Know Before NYSC Registration

Authority of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) released hard-to-rectify mistakes during registration and how to avoid them during registration:

1. Registration by proxy is an attempt to trick the system to bypass the biometric verification and affected PCM cannot register at camp because the biometrics is not his/hers. If the fingerprint scanner is not taking your finger, make sure you clean your hand and try again. Do not let any Cafe man rush you through this procedure.  See also: NYSC State Allowee Amount In All States In Nigeria

2. Mixed up Registration: some cyber cafe operators have the habit of registering more than one persons at a time in one computer by opening 2 or more tabs on the same browser. This causes mix-up in the PCM information which is hard to rectify. We advise you to sit with the person registering you and make sure he doesn’t register another person at the same time he registers you. When you want to go somewhere before he finishes with u, tell him to log you out before he starts with somebody. See also: How To Make NYSC Post You To A Place of Your Choice

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3. Don’t allow the cafe operator to use his email address for you. If you don’t have email, let him create one for you and make sure he gives you the details…email address and the password. Keep them safe because you need them.

4. For married women, make sure you go with your marital documents, choose married online and upload them during registration. In the column to input your spouse surname, make sure you put the correct surname you are using after marriage. See also: NYSC Zoning – Full And Complete Guide

5. For a sick person, make sure you indicate it and the type of sickness, also provide all other details and upload a medical report.

6. For military and SSS, make sure you indicate and provide all other relevant info and upload the required documents.

7. If you are a foreign trained graduate, make sure you read the registration requirements at and upload all required documents. Try to log into your account time to time for information asking you to update some of your documents. Failure to do so may lead you not mobilized eventually.

Please be wise and scroll up to read again.
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