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7 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents

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7 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents

7 things you should not do to your NYSC Documents is a list to remind you and also clarify some things about these important documents that you must take to NYSC orientation camp.

So many questions have been asked, so many PCM has received wrong information. This is just an attempt to remind some PCMs what they already know before and also a confirmation for some.
By NYSC Documents, I mean
  • Statement of Result
  • Medical Certificate
  • Call Up Letter
  • Green Card

Relax and read with me 7 things you should not do to your NYSC Documents.

1. Do not Laminate

What Is Lamination?
Lamination is a process whereby thin layers of transparent polythene nylon is joined together to protect paper documents such as certificates, results, testimonials etc.

Why Do People Laminate Certificates?
Here are some important reasons why people seem to laminate their certificates/documents below…
a. Lamination protects paper materials from getting damaged by fluid, dust/dirts, grease and hampered edges.
b. It’s believed that lamination elongates the life span of important document like certificates, results and so on.
c. It improves the strength, quality and appearance of the product.
There are more to it but those are the most important reasons why people often opt in for a lamination.


a. Over heating Can Destroy it
For the hot laminating machine, if not properly operated can destroy your document for good. I’m not a victim of this but I must tell you the honest truth, lamination can burn down paper if not handled well

b. It Flattens The Seal/Marker
Some certificates contains prints, security seals, marks or stamps; when laminated, such certificates or documents is totally flattened out. Some organization, foreign institutes are so serious about these seals, flatten documents may not be easily verifiable or approved.

c. Duplicates Is Impossible
In cases where you will have to duplicate certificates through photocopier, laminated certificates may not produces the best effect due to its reflective polythene texture. Distorted lines, text and colours may as well be created when photocopied.

d. You are asked not to Laminate
Even if you have no other reasons, this is enough. NYSC asked you now to laminate.
Now that you know how much damage you can do to your certificate when laminated, stay away from laminating legal documents cause lamination renders it invalid/altered in some important organisation.

2. Do Not forget any at home
Many PCMs are so much in a hurry that they leave their documents at home. They already packed it last night and forgot to put it inside their box. Chai... A serial mistake you can ever make is to forget your documents at home.
Make sure you check your box and confirm they are intact. Please do not be too hurry and forget your documents.

3. Do not Lost your Documents
Those documents above are your Passport and a legal prove that you are a Prospective Corp members. Make sure you care for it in the bus and make sure they are will you when you get to the camp. Do not misplace any of the documents.
Over enthusiasm, Girls, fellow Corpers, and making friends should not overshadow your mind and make you lost any document.

4. Do not sell
Am laughing so hard as am writing this, but it's a truth you should know. You think what on earth would make someone sell his/her documents? I don't have any reasons to give either. I just want to tell you that no matter the condition and circumstances, do not sell any of your documents.

5. Do Not Fold
The best way to keep your document is to get a waterproof transparent folder for safety. Do not fold and put inside your pocket.
Your documents is not a NairaBet slip, it's your statement of result, your Green Card, medical certificate and your Call Up letter. So please do not fold these documents hoping to save space.

6. Do not carelessly keep
Its one thing to keep your documents, and it's another thing to keep it very well.
You do not assume everybody is a graduate who recognized your statement of result where you kept it carelessly, or think everybody has got their Call Up Letter, so no body need yours.
You do not think because there are Soldier everywhere on camp then you place your documents anyhow.
Your box, your bag etc....
You have to keep it away from public. Keep it safe.

7. Do not give anyone except your Niggas
You are in the middle of something and you see a fellow graduate by your side to hold for you. I agree you have a good memory that once you see someone once, you can easily recognize them. My Dear reader, by the time all of you are in white on white, it will be like film trick.

You will surely have friends, but be careful who you give your documents to. Some people can just be angry at you for no reason.

Thanks for reading 7 Things you should Never to your NYSC documents.

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7 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents

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