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Here Are Darkest Secrets Of Men - I Have To Share This

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1. Sometimes it’s more convenient for us to sit and pee.
2. After we work out we stare at ourselves in the mirror and flex.
3. We spank each other in the locker room because we think it’s funny.
4. ^^ But doing it in any other context is weird.
5. When we’re on our phone in the gym we’re usually just checking our email/instagram/snapchat and pretending to do something important.
6. We dry our hands with the decorative towels (sorry mom!).
7. We don’t know how to cook but we pretend we’re experts.
8. We secretly like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus songs.
9. I don’t remember the last time I’ve vacuumed my room.
10. ^^ Actually I do remember…It was last year.
11. Some of us pretend to care about sports when we actually don’t. We do this because we want to fit in.
12. At school, we always borrow your pencils and forget to return them.
13. Some of us still have stuffed animals that we still sleep with (don’t judge me!).
14. We like to play games where we see how far our urine stream will travel when we pee in the toilet.
15. We hate bugs too.
16. We wish we were as cool as Tony Stark.

17. But we know we never will be.

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