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Most Amazing Or Shocking Thing I know That Most People Don't?

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Most Amazing Or Shocking Thing I know That Most People Don't?

I’m not sure how many people know these things, I just know that nobody I’ve ever asked did.

1.   if you chew wintogreen lifesavers in a dark room with your mouth open you make sparks.

2.   You can X-ray people with scotch tape.

3.   If you are eating pistachios and find an extra salty one it’s probably because it has a worm in it that absorbed more salt.

4.   relax your face and close your eyes. Open your left eye. Pretty easy huh? Close them again and then try to open your right eye.

So much harder.

5.   Cleaning a cats litter box out with bleach make a poisonous gas that will damn near kill you (learned that myself the hard way)

6.   Drinking rattlesnake venom can’t hurt you.

7.   Honey never goes bad, archaeologists have eaten honey that is thousands of years old.

8.   A little bit of baking soda makes spoiled milk good again.

9.   If you cover a snail with salt until he is completely dried out and shriveled up he only looks dead. Soak them in water and they are as good as new, even years later.

10.   Any two opposite sides of a dice equals 7

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