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Can You Imagine Your Life And Work Without Your Smartphone?

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Smartphones have fast established their place in our everyday lives. Considering the loads of activities we achieve both personally and at work place with smartphones, it is largely fair to say these devices are important in our day to day living.

Some of the basic functions of smartphones includes: gaming, music, news and information, communication with friends and family, video, checking mails, Portable time and world clock, alarm clock, camera and the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, there are people who DON'T have smartphones. Whaaat?! Yes, you read that correct! Hard to believe, right? But there do exist some people who don't have smartphones - willingly or unwillingly.

Putting the above into consideration, we've heard people say the thing they fear the most on earth is "low battery". The question now is how will your life be without your smart phone?
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