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Facts About Food Business In Nigeria

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Facts About Food Business In Nigeria
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Facts About Food Business In Nigeria

Facts about food business in Nigeria is a list of quick facts about this lucrative business that people don't pay attention to.

 Everybody cannot be a Doctor and of course, every one cannot be a lawyer. If you think within you that everyone can be an engineer then that will be a joke because you yourself know that it doesn't work that way.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a cool article about Food business in Nigeria and am so sure you must have gone through that. But in case you haven't seen it, you can read it here.

Click here to read "How To Start Food Business In Nigeria"

 So in this Facts about food business in Nigeria, I am not going to be talking about what I already talked about. Instead, I will go straight to what I called quick facts about Food business in Nigeria. They are going to be quick, and brief because I don't want to bore you with stories. I am sure if you are reading this, you are planning or already planned to start a food business in Nigeria.

Facts About Food Business In Nigeria

1.   You Can't Be Wrong

One of the top facts about food business in Nigeria is that you can't be wrong. Most businesses in Nigeria, from selling of cars, selling of houses, opening a boutique, starting a shopping mall, selling of cows, working in an office, going to music industry, to movie industry, to cutting across all the businesses you can ever think of in Nigeria. There is a very big chance you go wrong.

We have heard of great musicians who are no where to be found today, we have heard of big business whose existence was only in the past. Let's even think about it, starting all those businesses can even be a bad idea for people who are not financially balanced.

Anybody can start a food business in Nigeria, and that makes it easier financially.

Like I said, no 1 facts about food business in Nigeria is that you cannot go wrong, people will always look for place to eat. No matter the economic condition of the nation, no matter location you are, in as much as their are people around, you can never go wrong. You will always get customers. It's the nature of food business.

2. You don't need Huge Capital

The second of the facts about food business in Nigeria is that unlike every other businesses, you don't need to be a Millionaire or borrow thousands of money to start this business.

Starting a food business can be very cheap, yes, I mean very cheap. You can start beside or in front of your house, get some benches and tables and some plates and spoons. Go to market, buy some food stuffs and you are good to go. You need millions to start many businesses nowadays, you need thousands to even start a standard foodstuff business in Nigeria. But of the facts about food business in Nigeria, is that you can start with a little capital and expand as time goes on.

3. You don't need Employee for a start

Another wonderful of the facts about food business in Nigeria is that you don't need to employ anybody for a start. Most businesses always consider employing many people before starting because some businesses cannot be managed alone. I am not saying employing people is wrong, it's not wrong. In fact, as time goes, you will need to employ people but that will be at a convenient time. You don't need to bother yourself about how to to get people or how to pay salaries for now.

Only you can start it. If you can cook for the whole extended families when they come around or you can cook for your friends, then you can handle food business in Nigeria at a start.

4. You don't have to Study Food Science

We all know know that to start some businesses, you must go to a higher institution to learn about the business. But starting a food business in Nigeria does not require any certificates. This does not mean you do not have to learn more and upgrade yourself, you really need to upgrade as time goes on.

Don't let academic barrier be an obstacle, you can really start a food business and make it really big. Either you are educated or not, you can start it right away. For you to be able to read this, am 100% sure you can handle the business.

5. Location is Not a problem.

Location and environment is the backbone of every other businesses. A wrong location of a business is like selling cars in a village with no road. However, in starting a food business in Nigeria, location is not the biggest problem because you can start simply where you are, or get a place under that tree beside your house. Have seen food eateries located in front of a house, some beside a house. In as much as people are living in the surrounding and passing by. And if you are in a city, you can get a small shop to start. Don't worry, you will make your money back soon enough.

Now that you have read facts about starting food business in Nigeria, you need to know that those facts are not restricted to certain places or towns, they are global facts about food business in Nigeria. No matter where you are or where you are planning to start your food business, those facts are applicable to you.

Don't postpone, you can start now. Don't be discouraged, it might be rough and stressing at start, but definitely, it will all be well and you will be glad you take steps today.

Thank you for reading facts about food business in Nigeria

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