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What is NYSC Place Of Primary Assignment (PPA)

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on: August 12, 2017, 09:45:40 AM
What is NYSC Place Of Primary Assignment (PPA)

Nysc place of primary assignment (PPA) is one of the important arms of Nysc. Together with the 3-weeks Orientation course, CDS (community development service), and POP (passing out parade) makes up the scheme.

So, just like it's important for every prospective corp member to be in the 3-weeks Orientation camping, so also no corper can completely pass through the service year without having a PPA.

Place of primary assignment, as it fully means, is the place a corp member will be posted to serve immediately he/she leaves the camp. You are expected to go to your PPA and render your unreserved commitment to them and to the entire community as a whole for the next one year.

Before, places where corpers are posted to include banks, companies, schools and other big government firms. But today, 70% of corpers are now serving in schools.

After getting your PPA posting letter on camp (that’s a letter that will bear the name and location of your PPA), you are expected to visit the place and check if they are ready to receive you.

If you are then satisfied with all the provisions and ready to work with them, your posting letter will be collected from you and an acceptance letter will be issued to you in replacement.

It's the acceptance letter you will take to the Nysc Local Government secretariat for you to proceed with some other things you need to do.

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