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What All Remaining NYSC 2018 Batch A PCM Should Know

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What All Remaining NYSC 2018 Batch A PCM Should Know

The NYSC 2018 Batch A Mobilization commenced a few months ago. The first stream went to camp remaining some Corp members thinking they will go with stream II based on the system on ground. However, the issue of NYSC streams was removed and the NYSC management has been silent.

There are two things I want you guys to know.

1. You will be grouped with NYSC 2018 Batch B by July

In the past, you would have been mobilised as stream II, but since NYSC don't do streams again, you will go to camp with 2018 Batch B. So you should just relax and calm down till july.

2. You don't need to register again

Your details has been included in NYSC database, so you will not need to register again. Only the newly mobilised NYSC 2018 Batch B will need to do the normal registration. You just have to wait for call up letter.

It's very obvious that there are no streams this year. If there are streams, you would have gone to camp by now.

If you have any question, you should just ask below:

If you are part of the remaining NYSC 2018 Batch A that will be mobilized in July, comment below what you think.
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