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5 Facts All NYSC 2018 Batch B Stream II Should Know

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5 Facts All NYSC 2018 Batch B Stream II Should Know

"Sorry you are not in this stream" is the message that hit so many prospective Corp members dashboard and I can tell you it sent shiver to some PCMs spine. While some are worried about not going with stream I, others are happy that they have more time to prepare. Which ever group you belong to, you are still going with stream II so you should read these facts.

5 Facts All NYSC 2018 Batch B Stream II Must Know

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1. No official date for Stream II camp yet

The trending mails and questions we have been receiving is "When is NYSC 2018 Batch B Stream II going to camp?" The fact is that any date will just remain a speculation and a wild guess. So for now, there is not official date for NYSC 2018 Batch B camp for now.

I will just employ you to be calm and relax as we will give you updates right here on this forum.

2. Your Camp will be after this present ongoing camp

I know a lot of people would not want to hear this but it's a fact I have to tell you. There will not be another orientation camp until the end of this current one. So you should drop the hurry and stay calm till after after 3 weeks from now.

The same orientation camp and facilities is the one you will use and the same officials will be the one to coordinate you. If the resources can take every body, there won't be streams in the first place. No need to panic, 3 weeks will soon be here.

3. You can still make correction to errors

I understand that some people are still facing some errors about one or two things on their dashboard. You will still have the chance make corrections.

On every orientation camp, there is always the ICT centre that will help you fix any issues you are still having up till now.

4. You will go to camp before November

We have got a lot of messages from people asking if stream II will go to camp by November. This is not true. Stream II is still part of Batch B and will go before November. I don't even know where people got the idea of November.

5. You will not be Merged with Batch C or Any other batch

That is as straight forward as it sounds.

If you are with stream II, you should be proud of it because you are leaving for camp soon.

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Reply #1 on: July 28, 2018, 09:45:31 PM
Thanks for this great information.. So batch b stream ii is likely to go to camp before November? That will be great