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7 Easy-To-Learn Skills For Students Awaiting Admission, NYSC

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There are plenty easy-to-learn skills for students awaiting admission, NYSC. Instead of ‘killing’ time, you can creatively master some skills that would help you get some “side cash” as well as set you up on the path to entrepreneurship.

While others may be calling home for money, if you’ve mastered some skills as one of the students awaiting admission, NYSC, you can become the “jagaban” and even lend money to your friends.

Are there skills for students awaiting admission, NYSC? Something easy, at least to get the basic things and earn some cool cash on the sidelines? Come along let’s go on this jolly good-ride!

1. “Barbing”/Hair-Making

Do you know that there is there is hardly a student that does not make or cut their hair at regular intervals?

And with the thousands of students milling around the campus environment, learning how to cut hair “barb” or make hair, especially for females,  while awaiting admission, NYSC is one sure way to banish hunger when you eventually get to campus.

Depending on how fast you’re at learning, such skills can be mastered in less than three months.

You can check  your area for ‘barbing’ salons and discuss with them that you want to learn and they’d surely give you the necessary criteria peculiar to them.

And for making hair,  with dedication and willingness, you can master how to fix wigs, do simple weaving among others, within a six-month period.

After picking one of the skills for students awaiting admission, NYSC,  there are two ways to work. It is either you work for someone or set-up your store.

The former involves sharing your daily profit with the owner of the saloon who provides the needed tools for the work.

On the other hand, if you have the cash, you can rent a space, buy your tools and be your own oga. With about N100, 000 – N500,000, depending on the location, you can have your shop ready.

2. Phone/Laptop Repair

Data from the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) reveals that there are well over 200 million phone lines in the country.

That shows a huge market for any one who would pick up phone repairs.  The beauty of this is that picking up the skills is not hard and does not take a long time. Same also with laptop repair.

And so, in  about three to six, with commitment,  you can pick up one of the skills for students awaiting admission, NYSC.

It is even easy to start: it requires no shop as you can do it anywhere; tools are cheap to acquire and thus will not put a hole in your pocket.

The same can be said of laptop repairs.

3. Graphics Design

Although this requires a continuous learning, you can get the fundamentals and grow on the job with time.

Like I noted earlier on, the internet has opened up opportunities to make money. People now have e-flyers for their programmes.

They write ebooks and thus need a book cover. People celebrate birthdays, child dedication, marriages and weddings.

That’s a huge reservoir of opportunity to tap into and make some cash if you have knowledge of graphics design.

There is no limit to how much you can ear. It only boils down to how fast you can deliver your job with quality and professionalism.

4. Cake/Pastry making

You can never go wrong in learning how to make pastries from doughnuts, egg roll, and the rest. It will actually take you some dint of commitment to acquire the skill.

The good news about this is that the market is there; there are many willing to pay for your services for birthdays, weddings, parties and a host of other social engagements.

5. Digital Marketing/Social Media Mgt

Instead of wasting money on data plus your time shuttling different social media platforms, you can get trained in social/digital media management.

You can learn this skill in three months and with your smartphone, earn money while flipping through different social media accounts, ‘slaying.’

6. Photography

Even though the advent of smartphones seem to have made photography less lucrative, students are crazy about capturing precious moments in school – matriculation, birthdays, seminars, convocations – the list is endless.

If you know your worth, good at what you do, then pick up your camera and head go to event centers, take those fine shots and have some cool cash in your pocket.

Find someone a photographer, tell him to show you how to handle cameras even as you utilize the power of the internet to scale up this skill.

You can then save up money; ask your parents to get a camera for you and you are good to go.

7. Shoe Making

I have friends that are into this and are not doing bad. Instead of idling away at home while waiting for admission; NYSC, you can register to learn shoe making.

If you grab this skill, it would be a game-changer for you. Moreover, starting off is not pretty hard as you don’t need a shop, at least from the onset.

And then, you can use social media to promote your product, attracting potential buyers in the long-run.

This is mainly for the ladies but men are taking over though. You can learn how to fix nails, eyelashes, and do other stuffs to look trim and takeaway.

This is one business idea for students in Nigeria that can fix them.

It is also easy to start up – you can begin with less than N10, 000.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of  skills for students awaiting admission, NYSC,  but it at least serves as take off point.

What do you think? Which one are you going for?
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