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What Is Stopping The White From Getting The Cure For HIV/AIDS?

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Today, I was just having some random thoughts and different things came to my mind regarding the wonders these Oyinbos have invented to make Life easier and I was like WOW.

These people are great!… but what’s stopping them from getting the cure for HIV/AIDS? I asked myself
If they are able to invent all these

1. An Aeroplane is capable of carry 600 people flying from one country to another when ordinary paper can’t hang in the air for 2 seconds, what is stopping them?

2. If they can build Ships capable of carrying up to 300 cars and can spend 2 months on the sea without sinking but ordinary stone can’t float for 1 minute, what is stopping them?

3. If they can invent Smartphones, and we can now talk to our family and friends who are 5 million miles away, what is stopping them?
If I should continue listing all what seems impossible but they have successfully invented ehn, 2 months I can’t finish.
All these Invented but the Cure to HIV?AIDS still remains a misery for them Is that even Possible? I asked myself, We need to hear from you all what might be holding them back.

Now, over to you guys

What Do You Think Is Stopping The White From Inventing/Getting The Cure To HIV/AIDS?
Reasonable comments only.
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