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Facebook User Exposes New Format ATM Fraudsters Use To Scam People

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According to the Facebook user, ATM scammers have devised a new means to defraud unsuspecting bank customers.

Below is the post he shared to Facebook today.

I made a crazy discovery today that made me realize that even our money ain't safe in the banks.

I was jejely on my own when my smaller phone beeped, a message from union bank with an OTP meant to be used to authenticate a new account I purportedly opened with them. I swear I was confused, I could have easily overlooked it but the message came into my MTN line which is my official line and connected to my bank accounts. So I assumed that well someone must have done a mistake while filling his account opening forms in Union bank.

But these niggas weren't done with me, they called me almost immediately with a non-official number (their first mistake) and the following conversation ensued.

Him: Hello, good morning sir (He already knows my gender)

Me: Yeah hello, good morning.

Him: I am Dayo calling from First bank. (I have an account with first bank..)

Me: Oh okay.

Him: We noticed that you tried to use your BVN to open an account with Union bank, and we're calling to know if you're really the one. This is because you registered your BVN in our bank, so we're responsible for whatever activity carried out with your BVN. Did you get a text from Union bank this morning? (He's right, I registered my BVN at First bank, Wetheral branch, Owerri.)

Me: Yeah, I got a text with an OTP.

Him: Alright, before I proceed I will like you to confirm your details.

Me: Okay.

Him: Your name is Okere Peter Chimankpam, date of birth is xxxxx, you live at xxxxx and the phone number registered on your First bank account is 081xxxx, am I right? (He was 100% percent right, I was stunned).

Me: Yeah, you're right.

Him: Alright, we'd be sending you a text with a code, but before that you need to get your ATM card close to you, cos you'd be sending us that code at the front of the card, after which we'd send you a new BVN. (Oshey, it's so easy to dish out BVNs abi?)

Me: Sorry which bank did you say you're calling from again. (Delay tactics, I was already running the number on truecaller, truecaller brought out nothing sha, so I concluded it was a new number bought solely for this job.)

Him: First bank sir. Please is your card Verve, Visa or Mastercard.

Me: Visa. (It's a Verve tho)

Him: Alright sir, so I suppose the 15 digits at the front start with 50xxxx.

Me: Maybe, I dunno, it's in my wallet.

Him: Kindly hold the card in your hands.

Me: Why?

Him: (aggressively) If you're not ready sir tell me so that I can go back to work.

Me: Ogbeni farabale joor, it's appalling that bank staff who are supposed to help fight fraud are the ones aiding its growth.
*line goes dead*

Definitely, this means that there's a particular employee or group of employees helping these fraudsters with information about account owners and potential targets. I believe my account has been monitored for a while, because this call and text came exactly 24hrs after my account was credited with a substantial sum of money which wasn't even my own.
Their informant must have told them there's money in my account, but the informant is yet to tell them that I already transferred the money out of the account. 😂

Stay safe friends, it's a tough world out there.

see screen shot

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Scammers and their devious ways
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