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9 Things Any Serious Person Can Do To Make Money - Corpers/Graduates

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In today's Nigeria, if you are waiting for the government to give you a job, you might have to wait for eternity.

Most graduates waste years waiting for that white collar job with fat salary when they could be doing something productive with their lives. You see them roaming the streets with files and worn shoes moving from one office to the other. You can see frustration written on their faces.

Getting a job in Nigeria can be difficult. Sometimes, people have to pay to get a job that they have no guarantee will last.

The government will not give you a job. There are not many companies out there that are employing and some are even sacking their workers daily. So, what can you do to survive in Nigeria as a young unemployed graduate?

9 Things Any Serious Person Can Do To Make Money - Corpers/Graduates

1. Farming

This is one area that has been neglected for long. Everybody is looking for that oil company job. While you are sitting at home doing nothing and depending on others for money, some people out there are making loads of money from agriculture.

2. Poultry

The demand for chicken is high as people eat it every day. You do not have to start big. You can start with a few chickens and with time your business will grow with time.

3. Private home lessons

Teaching children in their homes after school is another good way to make money. It might not be much but it still better than nothing.

4. Buying and selling

All you need to start up is a little capital. You can sell clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes, food items and other things. Look for where you can buy at cheaper rate and then sell to make profit. There are people who carry their wares from office to office and they are making money. Think of something that people are need of and can be sold easily. Do not just sit at home waiting for the government.

5. Transportation business

People are making money from being taxi drivers. Never be ashamed of being a taxi or tricycle driver. Those people you think will laugh at you for being a taxi driver will still laugh at you for being lazy and without a means of livelihood.

6. Sand supply

Many see it as an odd or dirty business for those with little or no formal education but those engaged in this age-long business are smiling to their banks with fabulous returns daily. You do not need capital to start. All you have to do is look for someone who is building a house and get them to hire you to supply sand to them. You can act as middle man between the customer and the agent. Just locate the nearest quarry or dredging site to you.

7. Bead making

In Nigeria, people get married all the time and majority use beaded accessories for their big day. Learn how to make earrings, necklaces, handbags etc using beads and you are on your way to making money that will keep body and soul together.

8. Show business

What are you good? Is it singing, dancing, comedy or any other thing? Make use of that talent. You can try auditioning for one of those talent hunt shows and you might just get into the limelight.

9. Beauty industry

This is the most common path ladies are taking to make money these days. Almost every lady is a makeup artist. You can make tons of cash for yourself as a makeup artist.

You just have to think of ways to make money and stop waiting for the government or one rich uncle or aunty to give you a job. Do not say you can never do it. Stop being so proud and start doing something productive with your time. The money you will make might not be much at the beginning but it will get better.

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