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This Picture Illusions Will Play Your Brain

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This Picture Illusions Will Play Your Brain
« on: April 11, 2018, 07:39:54 PM »


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The First one.

Look at the image below very intently to find the black dot.

Keep watching to trail those fleeing black dots.

I can see them. Yippee!!

Mm, I guess, I can see them.

Wait. The black dots are everywhere.

No, they are not there where I saw them before I looked at them.

What the hell am I saying?

I think I need a grammar check. Beep. Beep.

The second one.

Disclaimer: Shake well before use.

Oops! Sorry.

Shake your head while focusing your eyes on the image below.


Do you see a miracle?


Shake your head faster.

Accelerate your head until you see someone mocking at your stupidity.

How come?

When I first saw the man there, I was wondering who the smart ass put him there. Definitely not me.

The third one.

You can already see the waves there and you know this is not a GIF.

It seems as if this whole flower like thing is placed into water and the image is the refracted image. Ahem, someone is trying to make little use of their brain.

Random Bonus

Its coming really grand.

Are you ready?

There you go.

Keep watching and watching,deeper and deeper until you forget who you are, where you belong and what you want in life. :D

But you better return back in time before you get trapped in between.

On a serious note:I heard somewhere that these kinds of images are very good for developing focus and concentration. Now, I am not trying to hypnotize you.

You guys are not getting dizzy, are you?

But I guess I am.
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Re: This Picture Illusions Will Play Your Brain
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my heart was blown. this is magic

Re: This Picture Illusions Will Play Your Brain
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No cause us headache o


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