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8 Strange Phobias You don’t Know

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8 Strange Phobias You don’t Know
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8 Strange Phobias You don’t Know

Irrational fear or Fear has been part of human, everybody is afraid of something, people who are not afraid of Guns or death or height might freak out when confronted with darkness. Aspiring Nollywood Stars presents to you, irrational fear or Phobia. Here is the lists of 8 strange phobias that you don’t know.

 Ever had a friend that’s always afraid or scared anytime you are singing out your favorite song?  You have a nice idea of spending time with your friend and only to be turned down all because there will be noise during the party? Here is the Answer.
Acousticophobia is fear of noise. Don’t ask me how the name for the phobia came into existence, the weird fact about this irrational fear you need to know is that there are some people in this world we are that are afraid of noise. They just don’t wanna go anywhere that some noise is going up. So when next a friend of yours turned down your party or club invites, because of noise, you need to remember that Acousticophobia is fear of noise.

Agyrophobia is fear of street or fear of crossing the street. This one is really weird, because you can’t go out with an Agyrophobia person and expect him or her not to freak out from walking across the street. I once had a friend who is always turning down my request or taking me round the street each time I go for a visit. He will always feel something bad will happen. That’s why its tagged as one of irrational fears.

An Agyrophobia person will give you thousands of reasons not to go to the street, he or she will tell you that a Truck can suddenly lose its control and crush you to death. They so good at discouraging you from walking around the street. It’s not their fault, they have phobia for the Street.

A very funny phobia but really strange and sometimes attached to the category of irrational fears. Ambulophobia is the fear of Walking. Yes walking, no not working, it’s walking. You are surprised and wanna ask me how this one is possible, how someone can be afraid to walk.

So many questions I wanna ask too, when I came across Ambulophobia, but the fact is, some people out there are always freaking out when you talk about walking around. This phobia is very rare, about 2% of the world population suffer from this phobia. The fact that it exist, is worth talking about.

The fear of washing or taking of bath is called Ablutophobia. Everybody bath and wash almost every day, in fact, bathing has become part of some people’s life that they cannot do without bathing or washing something every day.
Reasons for this irrational fear are best known to the affected people, you might think its an act of dirtiness or laziness. Trust me, the way you panic every time you see a snake is also the way this people freak out whenever its time to wash or bath.

Achluophobia is the fear of darkness. Many people find pleasure in sleeping in darkness probably because the ray of the light will affect their sleep or for some personal reasons.
There are people amongst us, in our family, among our friends who are not really a big fan of darkness, whom a little darkness will freak them out so hard. Anytime they offend you, just lock them up in a dark place.

The fear of pointed objects or needles is called Aichmophobia. Many friends of mine can take countless of injection and even donate blood. To me, this is nearly impossible, because I have this phobia. If you really wanna freak me out, kid me around with needles.
You think am weird, or you think that’s a strange thing from a grown up guy like me, its not my fault, I can’t even explain how I feel anytime I see needles, all I just know is seeing needles except in movies always freak me out. There are many people like me out there. We are just scared of needles.

Anablephobia is called the fear of Looking up. This phobia is very weird, at least to think that there are some people who are afraid to look up is something else and irrational. The origin, I don’t know, the nomenclature who gave the name, I don’t know. All I know is quiet some people out there are really afraid to look up.
When you come across a friend of yours that cannot look up, Anblephobia is at work.

APHENPHOSMPHOBIA is called the fear of being touched. This one is really a very weird one, it’s the fear of being touched by anything. I am just imagining how such people will relate in this rowdy world where population is growing high every day.
Next time when you touch someone and they freak out, now you understand why they do so.

These are 8 lists of irrational fears or strange phobias. This is an open list and may still continue because we have thousands of phobias that exist in we humans. However, do you know anyone that suffers from any of these phobias, mine is fear of needles, tell us yours. You can even add to the list in the comment box below.

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