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See The Best Way Of Living Life

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See The Best Way Of Living Life
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Looking for the best way of life?

Let me try to answer it.

Once, a businessman was walking happily along the seashore after a very important business deal.

He was greatly shocked to see a fisherman lying down by the boat and smoking cigarettes instead of catching the fish.

- “Why are you not fishing?” - asked the businessman.

- “For today, I've already caught enough” - was the fisherman’s reply.

- “Why don’t you catch more?”

- “What will I do with extra fish?”

- “You'll earn more money. You can buy yourself a motorboat to go farther into the sea and catch more fish. Then you can buy a nylon net, catch even more fish, earn even more money. Then you will have the possibility to buy two more boats. And then another…You will become as rich as I am.”

- “ What will happen next?”

- “Then you can just lie on the beach, do nothing and really enjoy life to its full”. - said the businessman.

- “And what do you think I'm doing now?” - replied the fisherman.

You see, everybody has different version of best life.

Guys! Don’t complicate your lives due to illusions created by modern media, just start living your lives.

Enjoy every moment, try to feel the blessing of cool breeze, hot sun, fresh clean water. Try to get the full taste of your every food, even a simple piece of bread can be the tastiest one.

This is best way of living a life, everything else is a minor part of life but not life itself.

We are too busy to feel the real happiness of every moment of life.

Just close your eyes and feel how lucky you are to have a full body, 2 fully functioning eyes, ears, brain (a super computer), functioning limbs, loving people all around you, enough food ….. Then, remember those, who can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t see, can’t think, can’t chew, can’t sit….. Just ask them how much they are willing to sacrifice just to walk a few meters on their own legs. But, we are sitting on the other side of computer and asking advices for best lives.


Do remember! “Millions of people everyday dream and pray for the life that you are unhappy with and keep complaining constantly”.

All the best to all of you!
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