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How The "STOP ACRONYM" Can Save Your Life In The Wilderness

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How The "STOP ACRONYM" Can Save Your Life In The Wilderness
« on: March 15, 2018, 11:15:36 AM »


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I bet this will blow your mind. Let me dive in quickly. So you are maybe lost, i don't want to know where or how, there are a thousand ways to get lost in a wilderness.

Apply the Stop Acronym can be all you need.

There is a useful acronym for what to do when you’re lost: STOP.

S is to simply stop.
Frantically moving faster will only get you more lost. Sit, and breathe from your belly (short quick breaths only increase the symptoms of anxiety – lightheadedness, trembling, confusion). Drink and eat. With any luck, your amygdala (the almond-size flight-or-fight controller in your head) will calm down and your cerebral cortex (responsible for rational thinking) will take over again.

T stands for think.
Ask yourself some basic questions. Which direction were you going? What was the last landmark you recognized? How long ago was that? How far have you come since? Hiking on a trail with a pack, most people travel only about two miles per hour. Where was the last time you knew where you were?

O is for observe.
Look around you: can you see any landmarks? Can you recognize a craggy mountain top or arcing valley? Try to find what you see around you on the map. Get out your camera, go back through the pictures and do the same thing. Think about time. How long have you been hiking? How do you feel? How long before sunset? What is the weather doing? What is the weather predicted to do? Is there natural shelter nearby? Is there dry fuel for a fire?

P means plan.
Don’t move until you have a plan. (If and when you do move, do so methodically and observantly.) If you whistle, might someone hear you? Do you have enough daylight to try to retrace your route? Should you consider building a fire because it is almost dark?

And finally – can you make a call? Can you text? If you do get through, can you tell anyone where you are?

The next time you seem lost, don't panic or keep running, just STOP
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