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15 Unbelievable Things That Will Happen In The Next Minute

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By the time you finish reading this, the world would change in a way you could only imagine. A period of sixty seconds seems pretty small, but it brings along a lot of changes and a lot of things could happen. This does sound crazy but hey, look around, you are surrounded by things changing every second. And if a second can diversify so much, imagine what sixty of them can do! Enough droning on, let us see what the next minute holds for us.

1. Unbelievable Things That Will Happen In The Next Minute

Yup. And around one million of them won’t have their feet on the ground. Because that is how airplanes work.

2. About 1,400 people will book a ride on Uber in the next minute. That’s right, 1,400 in a minute.

3. Tinder will witness 18,000 matches. And that my friend, is pretty quick.

4. Antarctica will see 300,000 tons of ice turning into water.

5. About 500 hours of videos will be uploaded to YouTube.

6. . Around 3,000 people will buy smartphones. New or old, it doesn’t matter.

7. Google will receive 2.3 million search requests in the next minute. And not so surprisingly, it will serve them effectively.

8. Your blood will complete one circulation of your body. It is that quick. And you sit around worrying your body doesn’t work at all.

9. 4.2 million videos will be watched by people on Snapchat.

10. 30 distinct thoughts will be generated by our brain. Many of which we won’t even know.

11.Your body will drop 40,000 dead skin cells. And you think nothing happens in a minute.

12. Around 500 hack attempts will be made, only 12-15 will be successful.

13. People will gulp down 45,000 liters of wine. Thirsty peeps!

14. Americans will eat twenty-one slices of pizza. They are also the highest consumers of pizza in the world.

15. 10 million cigarettes will be sold. And apparently, 10 million people will risk their lives.

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