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Corpers Forum is an educational platform for every one anywhere on earth. Its a place where we Unite, Educate, Connect, Expose, Give information, Entertain, Provide business ideas, Give hints about making money, Inspire and render various assistance to Ex- Corpers, Serving Corpers, Prospective Corp Members, Graduates, Students, workers and everyone interested about becoming a better person.

We focus more on NYSC communities (which will be comprises of Ex-Corpers, Serving Corpers, Prospective Corp Members, Graduates and Students) But that does not mean Corpers Forum is all about NYSC alone. We have several educative and cool boards that will benefit everyone in every position and aspects of life.

You can reach or ask the majority on Corpers Forum on anything. Am sure you have a voice in you that you want to use to help someone out there.

You don't need to be a Billionaire before you can make a different or help is your chance......

Questions and Answers About CorpersForum

Why is it called Corpers Forum, is it meant for Corpers alone?

The Forum is not meant for Corpers alone, it is meant for everybody and anybody who is interested. Our major targeted audience are Ex-Corpers, Serving Corpers, Prospective Corp Members, Graduates and Students. But we have other boards that will benefit so many people who do not fall in any of the above category.

If you are not a Corper or a student, You are still very relevant here.

Why a Forum and not a Website or a Blog?

It is a Forum because we want everybody to participate. There is limit to the level of interaction on a blog or a website. You can only comment on whatever is written by the owner. In a Forum, you have the ability to post, reply and do some cool stuffs.

For instance, we have a board for Study and Help. If let say a graduating student need project tips or assistance, or a secondary school student need help about an assignment, they can go there to make a post. You seeing the post and you know about the question, you can easily reply and help.

CorpersForum is a forum because a forum gives room for participation. A Forum is a community

What is the Purpose of CorpersForum?

The purpose is to Unite, Connect and Help. Remember this was created by corpers, at least being a corp member in Nigeria is some kind of achievement. We have passed through secondary schools and tertiary institutions so we can render more help than you can think.

We gist, Update, inform and many other thing. To check what we have under CorpersForum, click here

Who can sign Up to CorpersForum?

Anybody can sign up. Once you sign up, you will have the ability to make Posts and reply to post.

Where can I post in CorpersForum?

You can post anywhere that is relevant to the Topic and content you want to post.

We have a very broad forum, it include

News and Updates

Where you can post any news from all over the world in any categories.

NYSC Communities

Where all Corp members across the nation can report, share experience and relate. The Board contains every states in the country according to their zone, a board for every CDS groups where you can locate other members of same CDS group across the nation.

There are too much on corpers forum that I can bore you trying to explain. We have life and style, Creativity, and many more…

Let me ask you my own questions

So why not join us today and become part of this development?

Why not put your writing gift to work?

Why not join and have access to information from and across the nation?

If you are an aspirant of any higher institution, here is the best place to get help and information

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