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Why do society give more respect to married people as regards the single?

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Twilight Meet is a place where we discuss controversial issues and share opinions and point of views. Today section is about relationship. Relationship has become part of our life. Most people feel useless and lifeless when they are not in one.
Today on Twilight Meet, we talk about a controversial issue about relationship. Feel free to say your mind and spit it out. Below is the Question:
" Why do society give more respect to married people as regards to the single ones?
What do you think? what is your own take? Feel free to express, connect and share....
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What's your take on this? Keep your comments rolling in
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I think it has been designed so by God from the beginning of creation when he helped man think he needs help mate!
Moreover, I think the sentiment is becoming too much as necessary because it now pushes people to do things they are not expected to do and calamities here and there!
We need to always remember that we are not made for relationship but relationship is made for us!