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You Will Not Be Penalized For NMA Stamp

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on: October 17, 2018, 08:42:21 PM
We have got hundreds of messages and calls from Prospective Corps Members who are happy they will be going to camp to serve their fatherland in fee days time if not for the shocking message of NYSC which puts everyone in almost coma situation with the stress our wonderful friends have gone through in fee days the information have broke out.

We couldn't sit and just do nothing which takes us out to make enquiries from experts in medical line and we got this information we highlighted for you below.

We went to two general hospital to make formal enquiry about the NMA stamp.

What we are able to gather;

1.The NMA stamp is property of a doctor himself and its basically meant for doctors in the private sector.

2. The fitness report  issued by any govt/military hospital is legit and acceptable anywhere regardless of any stamp.

3. Both hospitals  can only provide you with hospital stamp and doctor's signature.

4. Any doctor you meet in a govt hospital has met the minimum required standard bfr been offered the job and he thus reserve his right to be a member of NMA (Nigeria / National medical association)

Therefore, don't injure urself trying to get an nma stamp by all means.

And information also from another  General Hospital this night and we were opportuned to speak with a doctor,  we showed him the update on NMA stamp.

His response I qoute;
"The thing is this information maybe true, and if it is,it is a new development which will take time to circulate across the country, so you won't  be penalized on this basis...I am very current and my liscense is up to far as I'm concerned, no doctor in this west region ,not even ogun  state o, have that stamp as at now...and I will tell you as a matter of fact that if there were to be 100 Doctors in Nigeria,  not more than 10 would have that stamp as we speak...because it is a new development. Maybe later over time when it must have circulated, they may now start to penalized you for it"

From this we hope NYSC will mellow down on this sudden rule and accept the medical reports like that for this batch. If you have any other questions kindly use the reply button!