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The Difference Between NYSC Registration & NYSC Mobilization

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The Difference Between NYSC Registration & NYSC Mobilization
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The Difference Between NYSC Registration & NYSC Mobilization

The Difference Between NYSC Registration & NYSC Mobilization is a question that seems simple but can be confusing especially when you have no idea about the system. Everybody is unique and new to NYSC and no one has experienced it before.

Normally, some people would say the confusion is caused by the NYSC before registration and mobilization that is 'NYSC' Registration. While some would even Registration and Mobilization are simple terms that needs no special skills to understand. If you belong to any of the above category, you are right.

I know you know the meaning of Registration and mobilization, but for the sake of some people who are getting it mixed up, let me clarify the terms before under NYSC registrar.

NYSC Mobilization
NYSC mobilization refers to the process whereby the National Youth Service Corps management would call on qualified candidates to serve their father land through a list called 'Senate List' sent by different higher institutions.

NYSC mobilization is to gather and notify graduates of various universities across the country that it is time to obey the clarion call. In another word, after the senate list is out, NYSC will mobilize qualified graduates into batches in preparation for the service year.

NYSC Registration
Just from the conventional use of registration. It is the time that each qualified graduates mobilized to serve their father land would put in their information into the NYSC database. Registration is dropping some details into a particular system.

The senate list only include your name, Matric Number, age and maybe few things. It is the registration that would enable you to give NYSC some details they need.

Am sure its clear now. Feel free to ask any question below. And if you have any other simple ways to explain the terms, you are welcome.


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