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How To Belong To NYSC 2019 Batch A Stream I

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on: March 07, 2019, 10:47:54 AM
How To Belong To Stream I

Most prospective Corps members always look for an answer to this question of how to belong to stream I and to their dissapointment, they don't always find an accurate answer. Your search will end here because I will give you the best answer to this question below.

Either you have been asking for the procedure or the tactics that the NYSC management always use to spilt prospective Corps members to streams or you want to belong to stream I and you don't know how to. The answer is just below.

The answer to your question of how to belong to stream I is that "Nobody Knows"

Yes! The splitting of streams is always random and it's not determined by your institution, your state of Origin, your course, your grade or even the time you registered. It is random and you cannot determine the process.

If you are looking for what you can do to belong to stream I, you are looking for what is not out there.

Do your NYSC registration and wait for anything that comes by.
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