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9 NYSC Important Security Tips For Corps Members

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on: August 20, 2018, 11:23:08 AM
9 NYSC Important Security Tips For Corps Members

You are going to spend the 11 months of your service year in a strange state, a community you have only heard of in Sate and capital recitation and never have been there physically. Everywhere cannot be like your home town or where you reside at present where you can do anyhow.

Below are 10 Important NYSC security tips to help you survive and stay safe throughout your service year:

1. Live together with other corps members

When posted to Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), try to stay or live among other serving corps members; it could be in a "Corper's Lodge" built by the Government or the religious family house such as, NCCF, RCCF or MCAN corpers lodges. Do not go and rent apartment all alone as a big boy or girl; if you must rent apartment, let there be other corps members living very close to you.

Many corps members have been robbed, killed and some others raped because they lived all alone.

Also, vital information reaches you faster when you live together with other corps members.

2. Live close to your PPA

It is advisable to choose accommodation close to your PPA. Corps Members who live far away from their PPA are more likely to experience danger on their way. Also, reject accommodation offered by your PPA if it is not habitable. Your PPA may offer you accommodation where they themselves cannot live. First, check the environment if it is isolated or lonely or not conducive just reject it.

3. Lock your doors at all times

Your doors should be under lock and keys at all times. This prevent intruders from gaining entrance into your apartment, especially for those corps members living alone. There was a case of a young female Corp Member, she was living alone, and left her room open to take her bath. But she didn't know that somebody went into her room and 'drug' her tea with doses of sleeping pill. When she came out from the bathroom and took her tea; she became sleepy, and eventually slept off. That is how she was raped by someone she did not know.

Some kill their victims after rape and some cut-off heads for ritual.

4. Be alert to any danger

Most likely, you would be deployed to a strange land where you have never been, you don’t know the ways of the locals. Be vigilant or alert to any danger signals. Start by studying your new environment, obey their culture and traditions.

Report any suspicious signal to the nearest police station closest to you.

5. Always tell people of your whereabouts

Make it a habit to let known your whereabouts to people around you. This is to ensure that you can be easily traced at any time.

6. Don’t stay out late at nights

Keeping late night is very dangerous, avoid it as much as you can, especially for female corps members.

You are likely to be the target of hoodlums or local thugs because you are a stranger in the land.

7. Don’t flaunt your valuables

Do not let people know what you have.

If you do not want to attract local thugs to yourself, avoid every tendencies to want to flaunt your valuables. It could be your Laptop, Tablet or iPhone. These items may mean nothing to you but it's a fortune to thieves.

8. Do not accept or ask for a lift from strangers

Be very careful; this is the easiest way you can be trapped. Be careful when accepting lift from people you don’t know. Some are just looking for prey.

We have heard stories of unfortunate female corps members being kidnapped or used for ritual purposes.

9. Do not travel anyhow to visit home

Serving Corps Members ought not to travel to their homes without permission from NYSC. Some have died on their ways due to road accidents; and this could have been avoided if they did not travel. Minimize your road usage


9 NYSC Important Security Tips For Corps Members

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