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How To Change Your NYSC PPA

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on: August 12, 2017, 10:01:34 AM
How To Change Your NYSC PPA

How to change your NYSC PPA is a question that new Corp members ask often and often and have dedicated this article as an answer to the question how to change NYSC PPA

You have been accepted at Place of Primary Assignment and maybe you are even working already and you discover you will like to change your PPA.

Or maybe after a month, you start discovering some things at your PPA and you just want to go to some where else. I said a month because I believe after working for a month, you should be able to decide either to stay of walk away.

Here is an article that will teach you or give you ideas on how to change your PPA.

Nevertheless, these are some ways you can go about doing that:

How To Change You NYSC PPA

1. Polite talk
This is when you have a polite negotiation with your PPA and make them see reasons why you can not work with them.
In such case, you will have to provide reasonable excuses to them, because many PPA will not want to reject you. Especially if it's a private school.

 They had written a letter to Nysc office requesting for a corper to be posted to their school, even before the Orientation camp commenced;

They waited for weeks for you to arrive their school; They are short of teachers and so need you desperately to join them; Now you finally arrived or after working for a month, you are asking them to reject you. If you are in their position, will you do that?”
... did you just say yes?... you Must be kidding.

So it can be very difficult and sometimes impossible for them to reject you by simply negotiating with them. But if you have enough excuses to help your request, you may be lucky. It’s also a bit easier to negotiate for rejection with public schools than with privates. Because many public schools won't be willing to provide all the required amenities needed for you, and you can use that as an advantage to be rejected.

2. Post The Complain To Nysc
Maybe the first did not work out.
Another way to make Nysc change your PPA is to complain to the Nysc office when your PPA has refused to reject you.
You do that by writing a complain letter to them about your PPA and request for a change.
And if your reasons are good enough, you will be re-posted.

But there could also be some other ways to go about it. I called them 'the tricky ways'. But trust me, if you can play them well, result is guaranteed.

The tricks include:

a. Display of Aggression
It can be funny, but also the truth, that no employer will like to have an aggressive person on the list of their employees.
So pose yourself as one to them.

Flair up at every little statement made by the principal (if it's a school). Rant and refuse to be appeased.

Show a ugly Aggression on your 1st day at the PPA and afterwards request for a rejection.

Even before you request for rejection, am sure they would have started negotiating a rejection with you.

b. Act like a stammerer
Thank God, you are no longer a kid. And you must have watched enough Nollywood movies. It’s time to act them out now.
I may be sounding funny now, must am seriously telling you what's obtainable out there.

When you get to your PPA, stammer with every word you said. If you want to introduce yourself, let it take you 2 mins before you finish…

"Haaaa haaaaa ammmmm
Do not laugh.... a Stammerer so not laugh at self.

Now tell them you will like to take some important subjects like Mathematics, Physics, or English Language.
Am sure the principal will send your letter of rejection by himself.

But you will have to act out the role perfectly well.

c. Become Jennifer
You remember the TV series, Jennifer's diary. If you are posted to a school and you have a better place in mind. Just walk up to the principal and tell them

You cannot teaching.... yes... continue the conversation by mixing past tense with present continuous tense. Use past tense instead of present tense.

No principal will want to employ such a person to teach in his or her school.

You might just become a celebrity by that you know.


Thank you for reading how to change NYSC PPA

If you have any other ways, add them below.

If you are still confused about anything on How to change your Nysc PPA, feel free to use the comment box, and I will answer you Asap!
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