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Basic Information About NYSC Place Of Primary Assignment {PPA} & {CDS}

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Basic Information About NYSC Place Of Primary Assignment (PPA) & (CDS)

The Nysc Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is where you are expected to render selfless service with dedication for a year of active service to your country. PPA is the second stage of your Nysc service year after your 21 days on various orientations camps in the country. The orientation camp is actually the main part of your Nysc, after camp you would realize the camp was just the best and fun part of the whole  Nysc programme.

During your NYSC PPA, you are expected to be vigilant, interact and learn from the locals with humility and as well make a lasting positive impact on those that will come across your way.

Basic Information About NYSC PPA

Corpers preparing for Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), Below are activities that are needed to be done at various PPA posting.

What the employers need to do for corps members;

1. The employer must provide accommodation for the corp member containing chair table and bed, or give money to the corp member to rent an apartment. But these days most employers would tell you, you are on your own, so you have to rent your own apartment.
2. The employer also will give the corp member transportation fair IF the  house provided is too far from d place of work.
3. It is also the duty of the employer to keep the corp member busy, not just to accept him/her and sit down from morning till afternoon/evening.

What the corp member need to do after given NYSC PPA letter;

1. Corp member will be assigned to each local government and register with d Local Government Inspector(LGI). After which you will be posted to schools, ministry, local government or any company that needs corpers.
2. Corp member need to write application letter to travel before traveling through the employer/LGI to the state coordinator and must be signed & granted before going.
3. Corp member has no right to dictate or beg the employer to give him/her letter of rejection
4. Corp member has d right to collect all his/her entitlement (like accommodation, transportation etc.) from d employer before starting work.
5. Corp member must sign his/her clearance between 1st to 4th of every month from d LGI and from 5th to 10th @ the state coordinator office. Any late signing from 11th will attract extension of service year.
6. Corp member is entitled to collect 12 calender month ALLOWEE.

In the case your PPA is accepted, you will take your acceptance letter to your local government secretariat, and they register you officially into the local govt. Then you are also registered for a programme called ‘CDS’- Community Development Service.

The third phase is the Nysc is the ‘CDS’- Community Development Service, As a Corp member you are expected to engage in community service. Apparently you can choose which CD group you want to belong, but in most cases CD groups were chosen for most corps members.

During the CDS, you get one day off in a week from your PPA to do your CD work, You could be teaching in a school or educating a community about AIDS. These are compulsory if you want to graduate from the school of NYSC after a year. Your CD group will mark registers, and if you are absent at certain number of times, you may be asked to repeat the service year or get 3 months added to your service year.

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