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10 Books That Changed The World

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10 Books That Changed The World
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This is a very subjective topic, am choosing from my own point of view. So if you have any other list, feel free to add below.

On our Do Not Be Bored section today, we present to you, 10 Books that changed The World

1. The Bible – Various Authors (circa 30AD – 90AD)

If you have any reason to deny this, be my guest below. The bible has created a kind of community on its own. Am proud to be part of the community. Imagine bible do not exist, how do you think our world would be?

2. The Qur’an – Various Authors (650AD to 656AD)

he Qur’an is the holy book of the Islamic religion. The founder of Islam, Mohammed told his followers that he was given revelations by the Angel Gabriel. These revelations (spanning 23 years) form the basis of the Qur’an. After Mohammed’s death in 632 the Qur’an was recorded by word of mouth only; it was not for another 20 years that the various memories of his words were collected and combined. Correct me if am wrong.

3. The Summa Theologica – St. Thomas Aquinas (1265 – 1274)

The Summa Theologica is a multi-volume set of books which outlines in the most precise manner, the doctrines and beliefs of Christianity. It was held in such high regard, that second to the Bible, it was the book most used for reference at the Council of Trent (1545 – 1563). the influence of the book was felt across the christian world.

4. The Rights of Man – Thomas Paine (1791)

Paine, an English writer, influenced American Democracy and Democracy in general with his writings. According to Paine, the sole purpose of the government is to protect the irrefutable rights inherent to every human being. This gave birth to the movement of fundamental human rights. Thanks to this guy.

5. Either/Or – Søren Kierkegaard (1843)

This book, by the father of existentialism has been highly influential with other existentialists. Despite its great popularity, it was not published in English until 1944. You are not a philosophy student, sorry you may not understand this.

6. Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1848)

This tract, written by communist theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels at the behest of the Communist League, has become one of the most influential political tracts in history. a very lovely book that changed the structure of our society.

7. Experimental Research in Electricity – Michael Faraday (1855)

It was largely his experiments that lead to electricity becoming viable for use in technology.

You can read this because there is electricity. thanks to Faraday

8. On the Origin of Species – Charles Darwin (1859)

An enlightenment into the evolution of human being. Most of us don't believe this book and the theories in it, ut i can categorically says, so far, its the best evolution theory that changed the world.

9. The Second Sex – Simone de Beauvoir (1949)

The Second Sex is the best known work of Simone de Beauvoir. Beauvoir wrote the book after attempting to write about herself. The first thing she wrote was that she was a woman, but she realized that she needed to define what a woman was, which became the intent of the book. It is a work on the treatment of women throughout history and often regarded as a major feminist work. In it she argues that women throughout history have been defined as the “other” sex, an aberration from the “normal” male sex. You will need a copy

10. Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand (1957)
Atlas Shrugged was Rand’s last work before she devoted her time exclusively to philosophical writing. This book contains a variety of themes that would later become the core of her philosophy Objectivism. She considered it to be her magnum opus and is it the most popular of her non-fiction work.

the book was largely criticised, but this list will not be a good list if i ignored it.

Thanks for reading
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