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"Daddy, Where Are You?" A Short Story By Fiyah

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"Daddy, Where Are You?" A Short Story By Fiyah
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‘Come out, come out baby. Mummy’s here!’

She cooed in the sweetest and gentlest voice known to man as she paraded the length of the room with her eyes darting and searching different parts of the room while her fingers rake and claw at her already rough hair. Her reverberating voice penetrated every wall in in the room like a classic soul music.

Her voice, even though comforting and enchanting, only made him push himself further into the ever resisting wall while wincing slightly and noiselessly.

He could see much of her from where he hid but he was certain she couldn’t see him hiding behind the locked bathroom door, peering through the key hole with his sad, frightened eyes.

There was no way she could see him.

She had smashed her own glasses, the only thing that makes her see clearly on the wall during the chase, shattering it into tiny crystal pieces.

He was terrified.

Oh, scratch that!

He is only seven but he might as well be a few minutes away from having a mental breakdown
He is only seven but even he can understand when he should be scared. And he knows he ought to be really scared right now.

He has every right to be scared because standing on the other side of the door with disheveled hair, face splattered with blood, eyes roving and lips etched into an oddly comforting but spooky smile was the woman who was his Momma five minutes ago.

This lady with torn, blood stained pajamas all wreaking of her own handwork isn’t his Momma.

No, his Momma wouldn’t shout at him for offering her her evening pills because his Momma knows that is his job when his Dad is out.

His Momma is someone who takes her pills right before tucking his little sister and him into bed.

His Momma is definitely not that person who just used the kitchen knife on Jennie.

This monster in his Mommas skin, successively used the knife on his little sister, creating several stab wounds on the poor girl’s little face.

He could still hear the little girls agonizing cry right before she stopped making any sound.

She was silent.

Probably dead

And it wasn’t until then the Monster knew she had to stop.

He was there and he saw it all and she knew he did.
That must have explained why she went after him as he ran to his bedroom, holding gingerly the knife dripping of her daughter’s blood.

Calling out to him sweetly each time she took a step.

Calling out to silence him like she just did to little Jennie.

He gripped the medicine bottle in his hands tighter with reinforced resolution.

If he could only read the small letterings on the body of the bottle.

If he only knew two pills from the bottle a few minutes earlier would have saved poor Jennie.

If he only knew the pills had been taming the monster in his Momma for a year now.

But, he knew none of that, so he knew not to blame himself for delaying his Mommas medication a few minutes later than normal.

‘Come out Dan!!!’ She called out, again. Only, she was yelling this time.

As tears of fear cascaded down his face, he mentally recited his survival anthem.

Daddy, where are?

He knew he can’t leave his safe haven irrespective of how tempting the thought of opening and bolting out of the door, far away from the beast is.

He knew he had to hold on to and believe in the bathroom door to never give way even if the beast tries to bring it down.

All he needed was to hold on till Daddy comes.
To save him from the knife in his Mommas hand.

(That is if she never gets to use it on Daddy first)

The End
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