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These Trival Knowledge Might Save Your Life One Day

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These Trival Knowledge Might Save Your Life One Day
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These Trival Knowledge Might Save Your Life One Day

1.   Cross the street if you see a group of men walking towards you. Doesn't matter if you are male or female, this will decrease the likelihood of robbery.

2.   Always hold your drink while out clubbing. It takes a millisecond for someone to drop a roofie in your drink, and you end up in a tub tied up in Mexico.

3.   Always leave a light on in your house. Thieves are attracted to homes that look empty. My dad's tires were stolen the night we decided to conserve energy.

4.   Never get into a bar fight. Chances are, if you fight someone one-on-one, they might have a few buddies around.

5.   Always use toilet paper when sitting on a public toilet. Swapping sweat germs with someone can increase the chances of a bacterial infection, Staphylococcal, otherwise known as “staph”.

6.   Always check concealed areas of your rental car. Chances are, the person before you may have left something behind.

7.   If you have a backdoor trojan on your Windows PC, shut it down immediately. Press F5 and while in safe mode, revert to 24 hours before you discovered a virus.

8.   Find someone you trust and know well enough to house-sit for you.

9.   Always ask to dance with a man or woman. Being polite may save you from being knocked over the head by a significant other or by someone jealous.

10.   Cover your laptop's webcam. Online software— Remotely Accessing Your PC is widely available to almost anyone. Getting undressed, masturbating, or having sex with your significant other while your computer is on? There is a chance someone could be watching.

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