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These knowledge Might Save Your Life One Day

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These knowledge Might Save Your Life One Day
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•   Never take out an object you’ve been stabbed with. It’s actually preventing you from a hemorrhage. Let a doctor or other medical person remove it.

•   If you need urgent help in a public place, do not scream for help. People will think someone else will help you. Instead, call out for help to one specific person.

•   If you ever find yourself locked in a sinking car, don’t try to open the door, the water pressure will be too high. Instead use your headrest, not to hit the window

•   If the plane you’re in has to perform a water landing, you should never inflate your life jacket while you’re in the plane, as it will make you stuck on the ceiling. Get off the plane first, then inflate the jacket.

•   If you’re cooking with oil and gas and it catches fire, never try to extinguish it with water. Because of the oil, you’ll instead make the fire bigger. Simply turn off the gas and use something non-flammable to cover the flames. A pot lid or a wool blanket are useful.

•   Stay close to the ground if any building catches fire. Smoke is the first cause of death during a fire & smoke rises. Clearer air for breathing is found close to the ground.

•   If you find yourself in the ocean, for example, and want to surface, your first instinct will be to paddle as fast as you can. It will exhaust you, and eventually cause you to drown.

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