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See These Cool Psychological Hacks That You Can use On Anyone - You Will Love It

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There are some cool psychological hacks that you could use on anyone. lets go into it

1. Ignore/ Mock

When someone insults you, either ignore him or mock him. Never lose temper. Always control the frame.
Haters are everywhere. The more you feed them with hate, the stronger they become. Never lose your temper. It pains them more.

2. Attention

Want to see if someone is paying attention to what you are saying?  Fold your arms. If the other person is closely paying attention to you, he will mimic you.

3. Discovery Method

Want to find out which people are close to each other within a group and who is perceived as the leader?
Pay attention to who is looking at each other when everyone in the group laughs at a joke. People instinctively look at and agree with the person they feel closest to within the group.

4. The Mirror hack

If you work in a customer service of any kind - Put a mirror behind you at the counter. When an angry customer approaches you, he will have to see himself in the mirror and will most probably calm down. Nobody likes ruining his image.

5. Flattery

One of the oldest tricks in the book – flattery. It works wonders. When you genuinely flatter someone, they feel obliged to comply with a favor sought by you. Be careful, however, because with every trick comes a sticky rule.

ust do it even if you don’t want to

Sincerely (emphasizing the sincerity) flattering someone with high self esteem may work well and you may be able to cajole and get them to like you. On the contrary, flattering someone with low self-esteem may go terribly wrong and they might like you less because it messes with the set perception they have about themselves.

You wouldn’t want to kick someone when they’re down, so watch out for crumbling egos that can get in the way of your laziness.

6. Door-In-The-Face

This technique is as effective as it sounds absurd. In this method, you approach your target with a favor that is likely to be rejected (ask for a unicorn). When they reject this favor, come back later with another request you actually wanted in the first place (a 100 bucks).

This favor can doubtlessly be fulfilled. In short, go big, get rejected. Go small, get selected.

Let me stop here for now and wait for you to add yours to the list. Oya add your own psychological hacks below
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