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Moyi NYSC E-Yearbook App: A vital Mobile App for Every Corps Member

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Moyi NYSC E-Yearbook App: A vital Mobile App for Every Corps Member

NYSC scheme is not just about service to the nation but an opportunity to build a network as well as platform for personal development. In orientation camp, there are SAED programmes to prepare a corps member for life during and after service year.

But there are basic questions some corps members don't easily find an answer to, such as:

How can i access grants/ loans for business during and after service year?
How can i write a business proposal/business plan?
How can i write a cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV)?

Moyi Nysc E-yearbook Application is a unique product born out of passion to solve problems/challenges encountered while serving our father's land.

While serving in different parts of the Country from November 2015 to October 2016, My Co-founder and I encountered similar problems that are typical to the NYSC scheme.

We felt a need for passing out Corp members to connect, collaborate and be informed. Some of us have great business skills [e.g. skills acquired through Nysc SAED programs] and wants to expand on a larger scale but have little or no knowledge on how to raise capital/fund, many wants to advance their academic career and needs info on scholarship opportunities available, many among us, wants to seek for jobs but have little knowledge of writing a good cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), business proposals, answering interview questions etc. While a lot of Ex-Corp members are confused on the next step to take or where to go...

To tackle some of these challenges, we thought of a digital e-yearbook Application that will not just document the profile of Corp-Members but also be a platform where current and former Corp members can have access to resources, connections and latest information on:

1. Grants and loans for business finance.
2. Successful business guides in Nigeria.
3. Becoming an entrepreneur during and after service year.
4. Writing a business proposal/business plan.
5. Writing of cover letter and curriculum vitae (cv).

Moyi Nysc E-yearbook Application is an innovative, efficient and affordable E-yearbook mobile application [App] for Corp members that is easy to move around and can easily be updated with your contact details unlike a static and expensive paper yearbook (photo book) that can be stolen or misplaced.

Other benefits of the Moyi Nysc E-yearbook Application includes:

1.) Ability to search and get updated job vacancies (targeted to your respective fields of study)

2.) Advertising platform for Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) businesses/products.

3.) E-diary of Corp member contact(s) with direct in-app call.

4.) E-gallery of service year memories such as Camp orientation images, CDS Group images, PPA Group Images, POP Images etc.

5.) Evergreen E-yearbook Application that you can easily recover even after loosing/changing your mobile phones

Meanwhile, In the nearest future, Moyi E-yearbook App will make it easy to re-connect with ex-Corp members through any available social media platforms.

You can customize Moyi Nysc E-yearbook App into your respective PPA(s), LGA(s), CDS Group(s) both at Local and State levels and you can also customize it for your corpers' religious groups (NCCF/MCAN) at Local and State levels respectively.

Start now by registering as a yearbook admin at, create yearbooks and invite other members to join via the yearbook referral link

For more info, please visit our website at


Phone: +23470 565 71553, +23470 352 65975

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