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22 Things You Should Never Do

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22 Things You Should Never Do
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Print this list out and always carry it in your pockets. Keep repeating this list and never do these things:

1.   Never engage in “an unprotected” sex with a stranger girl;

2.   Never do business with friends and relatives;

3.   Never trust one doctor - before any serious treatment, always consult 3 top specialists of your city;

4.   Never drive with “Summer Tyres” in winter;

5.   Never sit behind the wheel, when drunk;

6.   Never go to casino to earn;

7.   Never forget to make several copies of important documents;

8.   Never take the words of a crying woman seriously (with 0,05% exceptions);

9.   Never prepare your important documents at the very last moment;

10.   Never share the moments “of your sex with wife/girlfriend”, with friends; preferably never to discuss this topic;

11.   Never eat food with expired dates;

12.   Never watch meaningless films;

13.   Never believe that your girlfriend/wife won’t search in your computer or cellphone - better to clear history immediately;

14.   Never forget to fill your tank when leaving for a long journey;

15.   Never admit your cheating - you’ll destroy your life. Preferably, never cheat;

16.   Never keep illegal weapons at home. Never!

17.   Never underestimate toothache and depression;

18.   Never watch other people's videos from vacation without permission;

19.   Never book your luggage for final destination, if you’ve two or more transits;

20.   Never praise other girls in front of your wife/girlfriend. Better never to speak about other girls in front of her;

21.   Never go 3 days without exercise;

22.   Never forget that you’re a gentleman.

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