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10 Things You Should Never Do

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10 Things You Should Never Do
« on: January 27, 2018, 07:43:48 PM »


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You should never benefit from too much free time
o   Free time is never used efficiently
o   With 4 hours of free time you’ll end up on netflix/youtube
o   Free time is made to be planned on

•  You should never not get obsessed by something
o   Elon Musk is obsessed about saving humanity
o   Michael Jordan is obsessed about basket ball

•  You should never give your f**ks too easily
o   Never get emotional in a discussion
o   Never

•  You should never show your true power
o   Always lie down, no one should now how powerful you truly are
o   Never disclose too much information

•  You should never get the most expensive smartphone
o   You won’t use all it’s power
o   It’s worth way less than what it is sold for

•  You should never bet more than what you can afford to lose
o   Nothing to explain here

•  You should never wait to do what you want to do
o   Some opportunities don’t wait
o   Time never come back

•  You should never be afraid to break some rules
o   It’s easier to be sorry than to regret
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