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List of Small Scale Business In Nigeria

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on: July 17, 2018, 01:33:47 AM
List of Small Scale Business In Nigeria

This List of small scale business in Nigeria is an exclusive list of ideas that you can either start as a side hustle or start on your own and continue making your own money like a boss. This time we are is a time that you have to take some actions if you don't want to stay broke. That is why am writing this list of small scale business in Nigeria to give you an insight of things you can do easily form anywhere you are.

Either you are searching for a list of small scale business in Nigeria, small business in Nigeria with low capital, examples of small scale business, medium scale business in Nigeria, untapped business in Nigeria, home business ideas in Nigeria, hot business ideas in Nigeria, lucrative business ideas in Nigeria and business that moves fast in Nigeria. This is the article that will give you a step by step guide on hot business ideas that you can embark on and start making your money.

Gone are those days that everybody want to go for a white collar job. Nowadays, the white collar jobs are not even available not talk of getting one. So it is will be a wise choice to start something aside your regular job and if you already don't have a job, these lucrative business ideas that move fast in Nigeria can be a source of income for you.

After writing an extensive article about Popcorn business, Laundry Business and palm oil business, I got several messages from my dear reader that they will like me to recommend a list of small scale business in Nigeria. So I am dedicating these to my loyal audience and also to everyone who want to forget about the worry of the economic and start a business on their own.

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Before I proceed, I will like to tell you that you have made a good and an encouraging step going online to search for list of small scale business in Nigeria or home business ideas in Nigeria and other related searches that brought you here. You developing an habit to read this list is a first successful step you have made in becoming your own boss. Just keep reading and am sure you will surely get one business you can start by the end of this article.

Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

I know am not supposed to be giving you reasons why you should start a business in Nigeria because you already know. But for the sake of beginners who are here for information, I am going to make a quick list of why it is important to start a small scale business in Nigeria.

1. Little Capital to begin
Unlike large scale and medium scale business in Nigeria, you don't need a neck breaking capital to start a small scale business. Just the little you have can set you up for life if you manage it very well.

2. You Can Start anywhere
This list of small scale business in Nigeria contains business you can start anywhere. You don't need to travel to Lagos or Abuja to start a small scale business. That location to are is a good ground to start.

3. You are your own boss
When you start any business on this list of small scale business in Nigeria, you are your own boss. You will manage it by yourself, grow it by yourself, give it a name and you are the boss. The ball is in your court.

4. Growth and Expansion is allowed
You don't have to worry about being sacked after the business grow or anybody coming to take over. This is your business and the need to be creative to grow your small scale business will be your target.

5. Flexibility
The job is yours, so you you make changes and do things the ways you want.

6. You will meet new people and learn new things that will develop you and also expand your business.

7. Creating a team of your own will be a easy thing to do. As the business grow, you will be in position to work with people of your own. You will be able to easily make this decision.

8. You will become an expert. Remember you started the business from scratch.

9. Financial independence is something you will enjoy. You own your business and you are making money from it.

The reasons are just numerous than I cannot list them all here. Now you see the benefits of starting your own small scale business in Nigeria.

Without wasting more time, let me dive into it straight and provide with a list of small scale business in Nigeria to choose from.

List Of Small Scale Business In Nigeria

Time for you to sheer away distraction and make your own choice from these lucrative, interesting and profitable small scale business ideas.

1. Sport viewing centre
If you are a girl, you will say ha! Sport viewing centre! don't worry, let the guys read this.

The amount of football fans is growing in Nigeria daily. Viewing centre is just fun and every guys always look forward to seeing that particular match around other fans with a lot of interesting arguments that always season each matches. Many passionate football fans out there will flood at your centre and you will be amazed how much you can make from this home business idea.

2. Bead makings
This is another on my list of small scale business in Nigeria that you can turn to a brand and build upon. Fashion trend is something that can never go into extinction. You have friends that have friends that will be interested in your beads.

You just have to be creative and give a valuable design. If you make cool beads, people will buy it.

3. Phone repair.
Few days ago, a friends phone fell inside a cup of water. After she dried the phone and put it inside rice for few hours, the phone work perfectly but the charging port is faulty. So we went to see an engineer who un screw the panel before us and went inside a hidden cubicle to some things. 5 minutes, he came out and Holla! The phone is working.

We gave him #500 just for that. If you have skills to repair phone, time to turn it into a business. Phones will never go out of existence.

4. Petty trading
Am sure you must have seen a lot of people around who are already engaged in this type of trading. You can start yours with packaging and be nice. The sky is wide enough for enough bird to fly.

5. Barbing Or Hair Salon
This is one of the common and most profitable one out of this list of small scale business in Nigeria. Anything that have to do with fashion trend is evergreen. Guys will cut hair, ladies will make hair and its every time and everywhere. Once you are exceptional and very welcoming, you will have your way even amidst competition.

6. Photography
Photography started a very long time ago and am not seeing it coming to an end. You will need a camera and the required skills to start this small scale business. Weddings, Church programmes, Graduation and other ceremonies are precious memories that people will pay you to keep for them in Pictures.

7. Farming
Farming is one of the hot business idea in Nigeria out there. And farming is not all about going to the village to plant corn and pass through those stress. It could be poultry farming, snail farming, fish farming and many others.

8. Catering
Catering is a business that many started as a small scale business and then build to a large scale business in time. Have made chin chin, puff puff, baked cakes, make fish roll, egg roll and doughnut and people who tasted it clapped for you? Then time to turn it to a big thing. Remember this is your business and you can build it as you wish.

9. Snacks Production
Another hot one on this list of small scale business in Nigeria is snacks.  There are many foods, snacks, drinks e.t.c that are not really difficult to learn how to make and are in high demand by people around. Plantain chips, jams, fruit juices, ice cream, yoghurt e.t.c. These are something that people consume daily.

10. Blogging
One of the most lucrative on this list of small scale business in Nigeria is blogging. Blogging is an Internet job where you interpret your thoughts into word. Anybody can be a blogger all you need is a little knowledge about internet. So if you a poet, a good storyteller or a comedian, go to the Internet and own a blog. Just choose a niche you know much about and start solving people's problem with writing.

11. Tutoring
Tutoring is a job that pays well either as a full time or part time. It only require little of your time but the pay it worth it, try approaching those u know needs extra tutoring. People pay well to get themselves or their children well educated. Education is the most important thing in our world today and people will pay you so well to give it to them or their children.

12. Consultancy service
You have a skill in a particular field or you have knowledge about something. You could start a consultancy service to help people who wants to take that path. People will pay you a lot when they know consulting you about a particular things will bring success and professionalism.

13. Rental service
This is one of the untapped business in Nigeria that you can start from small scale but later expand into a lager one if properly managed. Lending to people around during weddings, birthday and other ceremonies pays off well. Every weekends, someone must do a party. People don't buy chairs, tables, Canopies for a one time ceremony, the rent and as long as social events are in existence, you will never go out of business.

14. Car wash
All you need to start this business is water and soap. Ladies might think this job is not for them but it is, because of the little strength required you can get a car washing machine to make it easier. It is also one of the list of small scale business in Nigeria that pays well.

15. Game Centre
I remember those days when we would save food money to play Mario and PS2. I have seen a person who started from Game centre and grew to have one of the best techs in town. You get a PS2 with TV and let's students come and play their favourite game. You will be amazed how many customers you can have in a day and how much you can make.

16. Laundry Service
This is also one of the best on this list of small scale business in Nigeria that you can start and be living like a boss. I write an extensive article on laundry service alone and you can read this to see the full article. Laundry service is a hot business ideas in Nigeria that you can start and be independent forever.

17. Fashion Design
Just like have been saying it that any business that have to do with fashion is a lucrative business idea in Nigeria and all over the world. You need to a quite the skill, get a sewing machine and start building your empire. I have seen people grow this business to a mega level. You can do it too. If you now combine both sexes, it can be more lucrative.

18. Computer Fixing
Just like phone repair is a lucrative business idea in Nigeria, computer is also a hot business idea. You learn the required skills and you get a space to start helping people fix their computer. Computer can be so useful that people will pay any amount to get it to work again.

19. Selling Phones And Accessories
This is also a hot idea on this list of small scale business in Nigeria that you can start on a small scale and expand. You sell phones and accessories to everyone who wants to buy. Believe me, it's lucrative. Chargers, earpiece and others are good ads.

20. Food Restaurant
Food business is a business that can never go out. No matter the economic condition, people must eat. Starting a food Restaurant anywhere you are is lucrative small scale business idea in Nigeria. Your customers are all around you already.

21. Cyber Cafe
You might want to say that mobile phone and Internet is all over everywhere. Yes it is true but Cyber cafe still make a huge lot of money from doing what they do. WAEC registration, NYSC registration and others are done about two time within a year. You could make a lot of money from this.

22. Daycare Centers
Another on this list of small scale business in Nigeria is to start a Daycare service. People are busy and have a place of work to go. Keeping their children in your career till they are back is a way make money from them. You can make a lot of money helping people look over their children.

23. Pure water business
This is a very lucrative business in Nigeria you can start on a small scale. Many people who started pure water business on small scale are now millionaires. People drink pure water every time.

24. Tie Production
You can learn about tie making in no time and make it a great deal making and supplying stores. Creativity and packaging is the key. Make it good and smart.

25. Computer Centers
Photocopying, typing and printing is another idea on this list of small scale business in Nigeria. You could incorporate this into the Cyber Cafe business and be making your cool money.

26. Event Management and Decoration
If you are good at decoration and design, if you have a good taste for management, you can make this your career and make money from managing events and doing some creative decoration. Your work will speak for you.

27. Entertainer
This will require you to have a talent. You could be an artist, a comedian, a DJ among others. Starting this on a small scale and expanding it is a lucrative business idea. Many comedian and entertainers around you are evidence that this works.

28. Bag and Shoe making
You can learn about this business in no time and start making money from it in no time. Creativity is the Base line. If you make nice shoes and good bags, people will buy in quantities from you.

29. Quail Bird Farming
This is a lucrative farming business in Nigeria. You can start on small scale and make it big from there.

30. Cement sales and distribution
You will buy Cements in large quantities on discount and then resell to people.

31. Frozen food business
This is a hot business idea anyone can start out. You get a fridge and buy some frozen food to buy in cheap quantities. You then sell to people. The business in profitable.

32. Livestock Farming
This is also a lucrative one on this list of small scale business in Nigeria. You get Livestock, take care of them till they grow and then you resell them.

33. Social media marketing
This is an online business you can start anywhere in the comfort of your home and make a huge money managing social media accounts for companies and organisations. Social media has a huge role to play in businesses and people will pay you to give them that value.

34. Freelancing
Freelancing is another online business that can make you figures every year at the comfort of your house. You will find some websites and register as a freelancer. It's very lucrative.

35. Cooking Gas sale
Every houses and neighbours are now shifting to Gas cooking trend because it's cheap and fast. You will need a place, get some cylinder and start telling people you sell cooking Gas. Your customers are all around you already.

36. Affiliate Marketing
This is my number 1 recommendation on the list of small scale business in Nigeria If you are looking for ways to make money online. You find a product online either on Konga, jumia, Amazon, click bank and market the product. Once someone buys a product with your link, you will earn a commission on that product.

Let me just make a list of small scale business in Nigeria by just highlighting them. Once you find any of the businesses, specify below and let me tell you more about it.

37. Mini importation
This lucrative business idea is all about importing some goods from a particular state where its cheap and then sell them for a higher price in your environment. Tomateos, Onnions and other products are cheap in the North. Importing them from there to the other part of the country can be profitable.

38. Poultry Farming
From selling chickens to selling eggs is one of the best on this list of small scale business idea in Nigeria. I have seen people turn this business into an empire with time and hard work. No matter how expensive an egg is, people will buy it.

39. Used Car Sales
You might want to ask why I include this as a small scale business. Used cars sales will require a little amount of money to begin. If you have a cool capital and you need something to do that can make you a millionaire in few years, this is the business for you.

40. Microphone, Mixer and Speakers for rent
The last time wanted to have a praise night in my church, we had to pay the sum of #50,000

41. Exportation
42. Recruitment Agency
43. Uniform Making factory
44. Ready-to-wear cloths making
45. Haulage and Logistics
46. Transportation
47. Online Marketing
48. Bulk SMS Services
49. Small Scale Manufacturing
50. Scrap metal sales
51. Waste Management Services
52. Pet Breeding
53. Animal feed production
54. Magazine Publication
55. Monogramming and Branding Services
56. Weight Loss Consultancy
57. Biscuit Production
58. Printing and Book Production
59. Private Library Services
60. Hairdressing Salon
61. Day Spa
62. Nail Studio( Manicure and Pedicure)
63. Selling Fruits
64. Selling honey
65. Personal Fitness Instructor
66. Business broker
67. Car Wash and Detailing Services
68. Dating Service
69. Make-up Artist
70. Pharmaceutical company
71. Stock Photography
72. Art brokerage
73. Resume writing
74. Online Vitamin/Health Food Store
75. Virtual assistant
76. Pest control
77. Car Rentals
78. Nanny agency
79. Mail-order business
80. Ice block production
81. Night Clubs and Restaurants
82. Solar energy installation and equipment sales
83. Antique Furniture Sales
84. Virtual Call Center
85. SEO Consultant
86. Gift Baskets
87. Disc Jockey (DJ)
88. Personal Shopper & Errand Service
89. Wine Production
90. Sports Collectible Shop
91. Funeral Arrangement Company
92. Oil Palm Plantation
93. Internet Radio Station
94. Online Clothing Store
95. Modeling and Event Ushering
96. Marketer/PR Agent
97. Fashion Stylist
98. Automobile Repairs and Fleet Management Services
99. Facility Management Services
100. Appliance Repair Service
101. House Painting
102. Alternative Power Supply
103. Security Gadget Sales and Installations.
104. Ethanol Production
105. Software and games development
106. Security gadget sales
107. Cleaning Services
108. Recharge Card Printing and Sales
109. Sports Viewing Centers
110. Sports Betting Agency
111. Building Blocks Production.
112. Art Gallery
113. Ice Cream Production
114. Jewelry making
115. Travel agency
116. Natural Fruit Juice Production
117. Photography and Videography
118. Football coach
119. Start a WAEC, NECO and JAMB tutorial center
120. Proposal writting

The list of small scale business in Nigeria is not a ending one. Creativity is all you need to start a business.

Now it's your turn to talk. Among the list of small scale business in Nigeria I have compiled above, which one is your choice?

Let me know below.

Please share and let me know what you have in mind. Please make sure you share this article for someone out there to benefit from this.

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