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Food Business In Nigeria

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Food Business In Nigeria
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Food Business In Nigeria

Food business in Nigeria is a business that most people will not consider when deciding about their career. For somebody to go to a higher institution to study food science and nutrition or any food related courses was impossible many years back.

With the advent of civilization and arrival popular restaurants like Mr biggs, Country Kitchen and others. Many youths and even elderly people takes it up as a hobby and many took it up as a professional course of study. Today, many people are making millions doing food business in Nigeria.

Why food business in Nigeria is a Special business

Something special about Food business is that you don’t really need to be a professional to get started like most courses nowadays. To become a lawyer, you MUST obtain the degree, to become a Doctor, an engineer, you must earn it. But when it comes to food business is Nigeria, you don’t even need to go to school before you can be successful in it.

Another reason why food business in Nigeria is a special business is because, no matter how bad the economy goes, no matter the situation of the country, no matter the city, town, or village you are, in as much as people lives around you, food business will always make a hit.

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 It will make a hit because people must eat. People get hungry every hours, not everybody can cook at home. Not everybody that knows how to cook. Even the ones that knows how to cook may not have the time. This is why food business in Nigeria is a great business because people will always and always and always be hungry every time.

Primary thing to start a Food Business in Nigeria

The Primary thing to start a food business in Nigeria that you need is your ability. You may not have enough money to hire people who will cook for you and even serve your customers like most rich people do. You may not have huge money to get a big shop at the market square. You don’t even need all of those to start a food business in Nigeria.

Have you ever cooked for your family or some group of friends and they told you that the food is very nice. Me personally, I really do like good food. If you cook for me once and I enjoy it, I will definitely tell you that the food is a good one. If you have cooked and someone has ever appreciated it, then you are good to go. Don’t be discouraged by the numbers of others food business or restaurants out there, its time to turn your cooking gift to make money. Below, I will give you some tips, or let me say, some things to consider before going ahead to start a food business in Nigeria.

Things to Consider before starting a food business in Nigeria.

A Good Space

Starting a food business in Nigeria, requires a good space. People like to eat in a very comfortable and clean place. Locating your food business around some dirty environment or in some uncompleted building will scare people off.

While serving as a Corper in Jos Plateau state Nigeria, my friend and I wanted to taste Jos food, so we walk down the street to get a good food to eat. It was on a Sunday, so many food restaurants are not opened. After a long walk, we found a place. We entered and the restaurant contains a very dirty curtain, there were only 3 chairs inside and everywhere was stuffing. We still manage to take a sit. Looking beside us, we saw a very dirty drainage with thousands of flies clubbing. We stared at ourselves and shook our head. We had to leave the place and find an alternative. If you want to start your food business in Nigeria, you have to get a good place.

Furnish the place

When you finally get a good place for your food business, you need to do some little furnishing. People will off course not be happy or even check you out if you don’t have at least some furniture. You don’t expect them to sit on the ground or some mat. So you need to get some benches or plastic chairs and tables. Not necessarily many, but at least, few will be okay.

Utensils and Accessories

Another thing you will need is accessories like plates, spoons and forks. In some area, forks are not even needed. Just go to the market, buy good plates, like unbreakable plates because that is more presentable. Many people will reject plastic plates including me. You need to take your mind off plastic plates and spoons. Get something presentable.

Cook Good food

This is an important part of your food business in Nigeria. Cook good food for your customers. If you give them something good, they will come back again and again and even bring friends and become a regular loyal customers. Whatever food you are cooking, either rice, or swallow food, make it good. Cook like you are cooking for the president. No matter how good your place is, no matter how much you spend on furniture, the role a good food will play is very important.

Be social and show Respects

Your customers are very crucial in starting your food business. Your social life is also important. Don’t frown or shout at your customers, be jovial, always be smiling and appreciate them for coming to eat at your shop. Make them happy and that alone will keep them coming again and again until they become a loyal customer.

For your food business in Nigeria to flourish very well, you need to learn about the latest recipes and how to do some new things
Starting a food business in Nigeria is a very nice idea if you are actually here because you want to give it a try. Remember, everybody must eat every day, every time. Food business can never crash if managed very well.

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