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Don't wait for office before you start the business!

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Don't wait for office before you start the business!
« on: February 15, 2017, 09:42:14 AM »


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Not long after I kicked off with my idea on and outside campus, I was worried about getting a place of my own. The calls started coming in “Hertty, I need a poster for… I need some business cards …” etc. I thought to myself, I need an office, a place of my own, and a printer maybe, among other things … otherwise what location do I give people who want to meet me? This thinking limited me so much and affected my confidence in some way. It warned me indirectly that I shouldn’t try to bite more and reach out to “big” clients otherwise I’ll be disgraced. I remember a couple of times I went out in search of a place to rent around my hostel then beside campus. I will not forget the rates for rooms at Osu. My goodness! Majority of them were in dollars and I needed to pay 2, 3, 5 years advance before moving in. Where was I going to get that kind of money from? You should see my face after every search; anger, heartbreak and shock!

When I came to my senses after careful observation, reading and conversation with the right people, I wrote three things that should drive my business; Originality, Speed and Convenience. There have been some edits and additions now with the help of #TheTeam but the culture hasn’t change much.


Realizing I could not afford an office, I tagged my business as providing “convenience service” and God knows I didn’t spare my clients’ ears with my new found term. What does this mean? It simply means that I come to you wherever you are from the briefing to delivery. Literally, I come to market to you, I take up your order, I come show you samples after selection and then finally deliver. I use emails a lot (still do). For some, every step of the process was emailed and we went back and forth with changes and edits through mail till work was done.

I walked so much, to some clients’ offices, homes and with others I arranged meetings at hotels and restaurants depending on their “class” oh yes, which didn’t cost me a dime! Convenience also meant that I worked from everywhere that I wanted. I have gotten jobs done in a trotro (commercial bus) before, at the back of a taxi (I still do that a lot) stop by anywhere as long as I had my laptop with me, work will happen.

Then I also remember I couldn’t even keep up buying the amount of data I needed to work so these hotels and restaurants were those I depended on. At a point, I became a familiar face at some of my favourite hangouts in Accra and Osu (Pinocchio and Smoothies, especially) and most of them knew that as soon as I walked in, I wasn’t moving till they were closing! Gosh! Don’t laugh, I didn’t have an office and needed to be in town to work and needed the WIFI too! :) (Continuing….)
In my next post, I’ll still touch on how far convenience took me and follow up with the rest of the strategies I adopted that may greatly benefit you too.

PS. This post is a continuation of yesterday’s. You may need to read that to easily follow. Again, this post is part of a series based on my experience and nobody's. We can debate it out with our opinions but you don't have to force it if doesn't work for you. If there's something you want me to talk about (related), you can go ahead and mention it as well.


Re: Don't wait for office before you start the business!
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I really learn from this
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