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What Business Can I Start With 5000 Naira In Nigeria

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on: August 01, 2018, 01:06:43 AM
What business can I start with 5000 naira in Nigeria is a question this article is going to answer in details. You have just 5,000 naira with you and need business ideas that you can start with, you should read this article to the end. I will like to quickly tell you that no amount is too small to start a business. Its your passion and creativity that matters a lot.

so you only have about 5,000 naira and you are looking for a business to start in Nigeria with little or no capital. The magic about money is that if you keep it with you, you will end up spending it. Instead of spending it, why not invest it in a business. #5,000 is not too small to start with.

Let me go into it and answer the question that brought you here.

What Business Can I Start With 5000 Naira In Nigeria

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Without wasting of time, let me just go ahead do my job, which is to show you 12 Businesses you can start with 5000 naira in Nigeria.


1. Mini restaurant

This is the a business in which either the economy is good or bad people, must eat and your customers are around you. It does not require you to sell all types of food but only two or more type like some  congos of rice and beans, spaghetti (half dozen) and your cooking utensils. Its not necessary to have a shop before you can start you can create a spot beside your house, you can start from there before getting a shop. This business pay well if properly managed.   


2. Wear sales

Clothes like socks for both student and children, underwear for ladies, students and children, gloves and other wears that are important in humans day to day life can be purchase at a lower rate in some states. If you can buy them and sell at the normal rate for those that needs it. It will surely pay well.


3. Junks making

Junks like puff puff, buns, chin chin, doughnut and others are very profitable for people that know how to do them. People sometimes prefer to eat junks to suppress their hunger before they can get something good to eat and you can also supply places like offices, stores and other selling joint. All you need is your skills, ingredients and cooking things. It is a profitable business.


4. Hair dressing

This is for people who are already a professional but if due to some financial or other reasons could not get a place to work.
All you need is just to advertise your skills let them know you can do home service for those that can't leave there residence ,give your contact  to them. Do what you know how to do best and let it fetch the money for you


5 . Laundry service

A soap, iron , some starch and energy is all you need to start this business. Although it requires some  energy it is a business that pay well for those that can endure the stress of washing with their hand and sun drying it . A laundry business is a business that can easily get expanded as long as their are enough customer.


6 . Car wash

Ladies might think that this is a man's business but no it's not ,there is a car washing machine to reduce the stress. Let people know you can do it, with a soap, a washing brush and your energy ,wash the car well. If you don't have a permanent place, who said you can't use the front of you house to make the money?


7 . Extra lesson

Extra lesson is just another business u can start with small money,just get a board and a packet of chalk with a place at the corner of your place teach only the the subject you know best and you are good to go.  Parent are ready to spend fortune just to see their children excel academically, go to them let them know they can enroll their children in you extra lesson place,tell them the subject you based on so as to prevent difficult issues for you . Impact knowledge and still make income (two achievement) .


8 . Tutorial

Tutorial for JAMB student is a way to earn income than sitting in the house thinking of what will happen next because of your financial status. Teach them thoroughly the JAMB syllabus, take them through the likely question and make your own money.


9 . Day care

No job, no money, are you really saying that ? When there is a day care a day money. Many people who are always busy with their work are looking for a place to keep their children  during the working hours and they can pay just to do that. Take care of the children let them take care of your money.


10. Selling Recharge card

Credit card is important to every mobile user either to call or to subscribe mobile user must buy card. It is a moving business that never waste time or energy it is not necessary to have all the network airtime you can start with the any network you know is  common around you then later start selling all network. Supply the cards let them supply you the money.


11. Start Blogging

Blogging is a lucrative business in Nigeria you can start with 5,000 naira or even less. The #5,000 will be for the payment of the hosting provider. I can get you a hosting as low as #4,000 and I will also be glad to even help you to design it free of charge.

To start a blog, you will need to choose an audience which is a niche. You could target students, entertainments, news, secrets, science etc. You can target any aspect in as much as you have knowledge to write about it. You provide quality content and get people to be coming to blog. There are several ways you can monetize your blog and make money.


12. I'D Card Making Business

You will require a skill in designing either with Photo shop or Corel draw. You will contact people, organisation's and other companies to allow you make ID card for them. You could create samples and print them to show how good you are.
An I'd card doesn't need much fancy, just market yourself and you will be making your money.

Your question is Apeiron and I have succeeded in answering your question. My question to you now is what next? What will you do with these ideas above? What will be your next step from here. Are you going to just walk away from this article or act and start something.

The ball is in your court. I will have to leave you to make a choice at this moment. You can either go back to Facebook and forget all you of those above or you can just ask me a question below and let me do the talking.

You can please help me to share this on your social media accounts. It might change the life of someone.

See you at the top

Article Written By Maryam Bhadmus

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