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Business convenience strategy

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Business convenience strategy
« on: February 16, 2017, 07:24:20 PM »


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I have absolutely no doubt that apart from my skill, which anybody can have, it was the #ConvenienceStrategy that took me places I could not have imagined. Without an office and working alone, I got to work for some amazing clients both here in Ghana and Europe even while on campus. Technology is indeed a wonderful tool! :)

Fast forward, before moving into a small office, which was my mum’s former fashion showroom, I was hoping to have saved more in order to rent a grand space. That didn’t happen. Rents hadn’t moved back but forward instead and I couldn’t spare that kind of money moving into my dream/ideal office. Another discouraging moment this was; Our office is located at Teshie, now that is not a posh community or anything and for the class/brand I had managed to build around my business, I could not imagine that I’ll be telling people “We are located at Teshie” Ah!

Some people’s opinions of my location didn’t help matters either. “Come on, who will go that distance just to access your service? The competition is at East Legon, Osu, Spintex Road etc”. To say that I was discouraged is an understatement. Girl needed some motivation so bad! It took an amazing family, team members and former Boss to push me!

Another “Aha” moment came for me when I encouraged myself that if without an office I could achieved this much, why couldn’t I do more with a small office? Office located out of town, so what? Let’s do business! I woke up in the morning and went to work with priceless confidence since then!

Ladies and gentlemen, :) I can tell you that by the awesome grace of God, continuous sharpening of my skills and an amazing team, our location has never been a big deal to any of our clients. We have never, I repeat never, ever lost a job because of where we are situated. We use the #ConvenienceStrategy so well. With a solid portfolio of brands we’ve worked for, we do regular travelling, looking for new opportunities and roaming around, scheduling meetings with business owners and individuals who are looking for convenience service also. This is what real business means to me!

You’ll be shocked at this statistics, still located out of town, we have worked for organizations, brands and individuals in many parts of the world; a multinational company; (General Electric) GE We have done works for Ghana Institute of Journalism, Ghana Journalists Association, Ghana River Authority, Black Velvet, Leading Ladies' Network, Jobwebghana, JobWeb Group and very prominent people… the list is endless!

Now even more shocking statistics; about 95% of the people we’ve worked for and are still working for don’t have a clue as to where we’re located! Yes! They have not stepped here before and do not even care. What do they care about; that we do a good job, that Brand E delivers great branding and packaging service/products and that we treat them well! We have transported finished works to parts of Europe, Sunyani, Akosombo, Tamale etc. and all of these clients are people we haven’t even met before (except the client in Tamale).

So what’s the fuss about?
If there is anything you want to concentrate on as a start up, let it be working on that Unique Preposition of yours, what makes you stand out better than your competitors, improve on that daily! Your location should not be a barrier if it’s all you have now. Adopt strategies and use it to your advantage! The world is moving beyond geographic limitations and you should move too! (Continuing…)

In my next post, I’ll finish the #ConvenienceStrategy letting you know which roles team members and partners play to help us stay on top of our Game as far as meeting client’s needs conveniently is concerned. I’ve taken that part out in order to not make this post extra extra long. We can move on to the rest of the #SpeedStrategy in subsequent posts.

PS. This post is a continuation of previous posts. You may need to read that to easily follow. Again, this post is part of a series based on my experience and nobody's. We can debate it out with our opinions but you don't have to force it if doesn't work for you. If there's something you want me to talk about, you can go ahead and mention it as well.


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